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My first doll
Hello) This is my first Monster doll) Saw her this great OOAK and couldn't pass by)

[Image: 81068383.jpg]
Oh, I love her outfit! smile I don't normally like MH dolls, but she's soooooo cute! smile Great face, too! smile
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fishy, thank you a lot! I don't collect MH too, but as soon as I saw her immediately fell in love))0
Cute. I don't collect them either, but many of the customs are a lot cuter than the originals.
[Image: 31728735737_cd1f6e1215_o.jpg]
[Image: 46617956492_0e037451bc_o.jpg][Image: 46617962422_dcf7bcbf7d_o.jpg][Image: 46617959642_ce589e251c_o.jpg]
Beautiful girl and lovely photo smile welcome to the forum
She's beautiful!
Thank you so much !))) I'm happy that you like her)))

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