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Round 33--Voting Time!
As Round 32 ended in a tie, the winners of Dolly Market’s Photo Challenge, Alliecat & Martah, selected “Unpleasant Tasks / Dolls doing things they dislike” as the theme of Round 33.

There were three entries submitted for this round. Please cast your vote for your favorite photo--you have until April 28 to do so. The person whose photo entry ends up with the most votes cast will get to pick the theme for the next round.

And on to the entries for Round 33…

Alliecat—“Tax time”
[Image: 33867267392_463f8bcce5_b.jpg]

Dargosmydaddy—“Scrubbing the floor”
[Image: 33970928341_09096dc3d7_z.jpg]

Offgenemi—“Hanging tough for our beloved brother”
[Image: 33840797090_2d27590123_z.jpg]
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Oh gosh, those are all awful tasks! I feel very badly for all these poor dolls!
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Ha, ha! Cute photos! Too bad I can only choose one.
All terrible tasks! I picked the one that I personally dislike doing the most (only by a small margin though Happy)
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Poor babies, these are truly awful tasks. Hope it didn't last too long!
Tough choice! Too funny!
Congrats on your winning photo, Alliecat. You know the drill...
Currently playing: Story of Seasons : Trio of Towns on the 3DS
Friend Code 2036-6707-2961 (KiraKira)

Currently reading: Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin
Last Movie Seen: Creed 2
Congrats, Alliecat!
Congrats, Alliecat!
Congrats Alliecat!
Wow, thanks for the votes!
So tax time wasn't a total bust then... and I'm getting dolly money!!! grin
[Image: 44120219872_5dced27ecb_b.jpg][Image: 41482071640_762630cf56_o.jpg][Image: 41481841950_ba130c814d_o.jpg][Image: 35887489252_7edf4be5ed_o.jpg]
Congrats Alliecat!
I'm sure Daesani did her best, so that there would be some doll money from the taxes. XD
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Loved the entries. Congrats to Alliecat!

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