Ladies' Undies through the Ages...
i just finished this set of Victorian-era style undies for my TAKARA Ah! My Goddess! "Belldandy" and, setting her beside both my TAKARA SAMURAI SPIRITS/SHODOWN "Nakoruru" and AZONE Chinese Fantasy "Maya"
it struck me how much their preferences in underpinnings reflect the general change that took place over the last 100+ years in terms of popular trends in ladies' undergarments.

from up to about the early-1900's or so, to about the 1930's/40's or so onward, to about the 1980's/1990's, -right before the modern penchant for Panty styles such as G-Strings and Boy Shorts seemingly took over-
it all seems historically represented right here in one image;

[Image: Nakoruru%20Belldandy%20Apple%20Leehearts...-12-17.png]
[Image: MikuruS25-24-14148size25_zps6ac58fca.png] ♥Mikuru Asahina♥

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