TOMY/TAKARA "Liccarize" Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Kinomoto 2017 edition
[Image: Kinomoto.Sakura.full.1298445.jpg]

[Image: Kinomoto.Sakura.full.2184981.gif]

i've made so many modifications to this doll that i figured i might as well make a new thread altogether, so as to minimize any possible confusion;

CardCaptor Sakura goes way back with me, all the way to the original BANDAI/TRENDMASTERS bendy-body dolls of almost twenty years ago,
the TRENDMASTERS Sakura pink costume "Deluxe Set" being among my very first Anime dolls,
indeed, one of the fundamental dolls that steered me towards Anime doll collection/customization to begin with;

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%20TRENDMASTERS%202000.png]

alas, she did not age well at all, and was quickly superseded by much better dolls.

all the same,i had always been attached to her, long wishing for an updated doll of her
to finally take a rightful place among the more modern girls in my collection,
and in 2017, it finally came true when TAKARA re-released the "Liccarize" Sakura
that i had missed out on several years back. they also re-issued her "pink costume" as a separate accessory,
and i had to have both to make the modern Sakura Kinomoto doll i long pined for. Not Cheap, but Well Worth It;

[Image: 37964938821_cff4212053_b.jpg]

[Image: FIG-DOL-9595_01.jpg]

being used to the 1/6 OBITSU BODY, i couldn't help but take exception to the rudimentary (to me) Barbie-like "Licca" doll body she came with.
fortunately, OBITSU was about to release a brand new redesigned 24cm. body, which appeared to be JUST EXACTLY what i wanted for Sakura,
and, indeed, after ordering a pair of them, the new body did in fact fit her exactly as if it was intended to all along;

Original BANDAI/TRENDMASTERS "Bendy Body" TAKARA "Licca" body, modeled by "Tomoyo Daidouji"

[Image: 18783548258_90c6e5d2ce_b.jpg]


[Image: kansei.jpg]

Liccarize Sakura with new OBITSU;

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%20TAKARA-OBITSU%203-29-18%202.png]

so far, so good, no, better than that, PERFECT.

indeed, perfect, except for problems with fit and finish with her costume, -especially after a complete doll body transplant- that called for the best of my sewing and customizing skills.

brand new sets of gloves and stockings were immediately in order, and a new elastic gathering for the bonnet, so it would properly fit her head.
a new combined Petticoat/slip was made from the rudimentary Petticoat originally included with the costume,
and some lace-edged crinoline was permanently fixed to waist of the dress itself.
a high-quality mini zipper, taken from a vintage 1960's Barbie accessory set, was added in place of the dresses' original Velcro closure,
and, finally, since her original red shoes would no longer proper fit her new body, -with it's much larger, realistically-proportioned feet and all-
a new pair of shoes was sourced from a late-1990's Barbie "Little Extras" shoe set. with the ribbons from the original pair in place, the new shoes look and fit just about perfectly.

Finally, i gave her a new Faceup, really just a little alteration of her eyes, and some lip highlighting.

here is the finished doll. she is as perfect as i ever expect to have in a Sakura Kinomoto doll.
a perfectly-scaled "Keroberos" sidekick pet, taken from BANDAI's "S.H. Figuarts" Sakura action figure nicely completes the set;

[Image: Liccarize%20Sakura%20Kinomoto%204-7-18%201.png]

[Image: Liccarize%20Sakura%20Kinomoto%204-7-18%202.png]

[Image: Liccarize%20Sakura%20Kinomoto%204-7-18%203.png]

[Image: Liccarize%20Sakura%20Kinomoto%204-7-18%204.png]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

She looks much cuter with the obitsu body. You know Blythe customizers will buy that Licca body with a tilt neck.
improvements/modifications include; new red and cream ribbons for her gloves and sleeves, sleeves with new elastic gathering and lace cuff,
and Petticoat/half slip reworked into a full slip/petticoat.

here's a comparison with the stock doll;


[Image: Liccarize%20-%20Cardcaptor%20Sakura%20Co...20Pink.jpg]


[Image: Sakura%20Kinomotohearts%2011-15-17.png]

original two-piece doll set from a few years back;

[Image: Card-Captor-Cardcaptor-Sakura-Licca-Licc...ll%202.jpg]


someone's custom, utilizing an AZONE "Pure Neemo" body in permanent sitting pose;

[Image: Takara%20Tomy%20Liccarize%20Sakura%20Kinomoto%201.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

The improvements you've made look great!
The Azone body really suits her and ups her cuteness.
(11-05-2017, 10:17 AM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: The Azone body really suits her and ups her cuteness.

the Pure Neemo does look good on her in that shot, but be aware that they actually suffer from rather ugly joint slots, with a very limited range of movement.

the 24cm. OBITSU i employ may not be as Organic looking, -and certainly incapable of pulling off a good looking equivalent of that Azone pose above-
but while that version of the Pure Neemo is stuck in a permanent sitting pose, the OBITSU 24 here is capable of a wide range of fine-looking poses. it really comes down to personal preference.

in any case, i had to make new gloves and stockings; the original stockings being too short, and the gloves being too small/tight for even the 24cm OBITSU's Grasping hands.

even so, i went the extra mile with new lace cuffs and ribbons for both the sleeves and gloves, and i think i'll be soon adding a lacy Crinoline to enhance the body of her skirt...

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomotohearts%2011-15-17.png]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

The adjustments you are making are pulling the look together really well. I'm not sure if adding more lace would bring together the lacy bits from the rest of the outfit for more cohesiveness or overdue it. She is looking great so far!
added crinoline seems to add the needed flounce to bring the skirt more in line with the established official look;

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomotohearts%2011-15-17.png]

[Image: Kinomoto.Sakura.full.2184981.gif]

[Image: Kinomoto.Sakura.full.1298445.jpg]

in the end, this new doll certainly handily beats out my last one i had years ago,
itself a similar attempt to improve an existing character doll,
this one a Korean bootleg;

[Image: CCSColle-Johns6-20-124.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%20Liccarize%2011-11-17.png]

[Image: 10455670p.jpg]

[Image: 10455667p.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomotohearts%2011-16-17.png]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

refined eye Faceup;

[Image: Liccarize%20Sakura%20Kinomoto%204-7-18%205.png]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

She looks so cute in close-up photos!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
[Image: Sakura%20Kinomotohearts%206-27-18.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

She looks so cuuuuute in those round eyeglasses!

And is that an open tube audio amplifier in the background?
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
I love this new outfit!

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