♥My Harem♥ 2018
So many pretty girls!
[Image: Harem%20Johns%201-30-18_1.png]

[Image: Konomi_Yuzuhara_5-25-21_Sig_RESIZE_300x2...fit=bounds]
You have a great collection of dolls and figures!
I love how you have them displayed. Happy
Amelia (Ddalgi) Chelsea (Bloody Red Hood) Willow (Dahlia Cinderella) Cassidy (Neo Noir) Poppy (Kaela)
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Nice collection! Who's the mermaid next to Saber?
(02-01-2018, 01:10 PM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: Nice collection! Who's the mermaid next to Saber?

MegaHouse Tsukuyomi MOON PHASE "Hazuki" heavily modified, wearing THE LITTLE MERMAID Ariel costume, taken from two different 1990's MATTEL dolls;

[Image: Hazuki%20Morioka%202-1-18_1.png]

[Image: MegaHouseHazuki.jpg]

[Image: MegaHouseHazuki2.jpg]

[Image: Hazuki%20Mermaid%203-4-15%201_zpsttdjpwgl.jpg]

[Image: Hazuki%20Mermaid%203-4-15%203_zps9vvrpwar.jpg]

[Image: Hazuki.Tsukuyomi%20.Moon.Phase.full.1160...loqhfz.jpg]

[Image: Konomi_Yuzuhara_5-25-21_Sig_RESIZE_300x2...fit=bounds]
I was going to ask about the mermaid in the previous "shelfie" pic, but you have answered my questions!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
I recognized her outfit since I had that Ariel at one time. I think it looks better on Hazuki.

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