TAKARA/TOMY "Liccarize" Sakura Kinomoto on 27cm. OBITSU
this doll's head, though ostensibly designed for a 22cm. TAKARA "Licca" body,
actually seems far more in scale with a 27cm. body such as thee OBITSU.

her head seems ginormous on even the 24cm. OBITSU, but on the 27, the sizing looks just about perfect;

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%202-2-18.png]

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%20Liccarize%2010-29-17%202.jpg]

much as it pains me to admit, the 24cm. OBITSU, -with the Yuki Nagato head attached that was precisely sized for it-
fills Sakura's costume far, far better than the same body, -with her own oversized head attached- does;

[Image: Card%20Captor%20Sakura%20Collection%202-2-18.png]

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomotohearts%2011-16-17.png]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

You're right, the head looks much more to scale on the taller body.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
New Faceup;


[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%202-2-18%20CROP.png]


[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%202-3-18%20CROP.png]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

The tiniest of details can make a big difference in the overall expression! Nicely done!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
thank you!! a further refinement on her face-up, and another body transplant, a permanent move to the new OBITSU 24cm. ver. II;

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%20TAKARA-OBITSU%203-28-18%201.png]

[Image: Sakura%20Kinomoto%20TAKARA-OBITSU%203-28-18%202.png]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

She becomes more adorable with every incremental improvement!
The scale of the new body relative to the head is perfection!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
She’s cute on the 24cm!

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