Princess Anna Arundelle (FROZEN)
so, i saw this movie once, back around 2012, thought it all right, but quickly moved on.

six-odd years later, i decide to give it another shot, find it quite charming, if a little poorly written, and, moreover, i more or less fall for Princess Anna Arundelle.
guess i'm a serious sucker for Redheads or something, but, Seriously, she does have an exceptionally nice personality and all.

anyway, this leads me to desiring a doll of her, in a 1/6 OBITSU-compatible scale if at all possible.

i figure that any doll out there is likely to be BARBIE-scaled, and, for the most part that is largely the case, but then just yesterday, i stumble upon a doll at WALMART for less than $10.00
that is not only a credible-enough likeness, but is based around something akin to a BARBIE SKIPPER body, and thus likely to mate to an OBITSU and scale with my other girls reasonably well.

i got her head on a spare OBITSU i had, and slapped an outfit together for her from my excess bin;

[Image: Anna%20Arundelle%209-12-18.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20RESIZE%20320%20Horiz..jpg] ♥Mikuru Asahina♥
I was working in a school at the time Frozen came out, and all the kids were totally captivated by Elsa. After finally seeing the movie, I didn't understand why almost nobody ever talked about Anna. The movie is about Anna! She's the main character! She's adorably cute, she's funny, she's smart, she's brave... but all I ever heard about before seeing the movie was Elsa, and sometimes that goofy snowman Olaf.

Hot blonde chick privilege, I guess. slash Bonus points for being borderline evil.

As for the movie itself, I agree, it was not particularly well written or even interesting, and even though I know Elsa's number became a mega-hit, I thought the songs were all pretty forgettable. I don't know why Frozen became such a major hit, or why Frozen merchandise came to dominate the toy aisles.

You've created a fine custom Anna figure, ready for adventures!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Wow, that’s a super cute look for her! I think I might have to get one of the Rapunzels to obitsu now!

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