Parabox 27cm Paradoll: Unboxing and review. -- Meet Maple Reed!
While searching for Obitsu bodies to make the infamous Obitsued Pullip custom, I randomly landed on the site Parabox:
This Japanese store specialise in everything Obitsu. You can order a fully made personalised doll, clothes and even hand made face-up! So I told myself "why not"? I ended up making myself a 27cm Paradoll. Just to have a taste before possibly committing to a 1/3 BJD like cheaper alternative to Dollfie Dream or Smart Doll. So how did it turn out?

[Image: OtQG6J4.jpg]
[Image: 0X8WI4W.jpg]

Here's everything that I ordered. The clothing options at Parabox are VERY limited. So I had to make do. All those magnificent sold-out items are a real tease...
Also, TWO pair of shoes. Nice!

[Image: k0UW2j8.jpg]

The kit come with a very clear instruction sheet in perfect English. The eyes were not fully in the sockets so you can rearrange them as you like. But MAN, those eyes are a pain to align properly.

[Image: jmzZZ1I.jpg]

I had to take the head off to finally be able to do it. This is also the hand made face-up that I ordered. That 2K extra paid is well worth it because it's incredible and I would never be able to manage doing something so great looking at such a tiny scale.

[Image: iXciogd.jpg]

This is not a doll. THIS IS AN ACTION FIGURE! The posability is just incredible. No wonder so many customs are Obitsu'd.

[Image: jTVf97q.jpg]

Here's my complete custom order

[Image: 316dZNM.jpg]
[Image: NetNhmy.jpg]
[Image: QDtDqsF.jpg]

The limbs can be taken off for easier dress-up. Plus her wig barely frizze and is easy to put on. Plus the included velcro sticker help. She stand very well on her own without a stand and without magnetic feet. I may eventually buy an extra stand but for now, she stand perfectly here... Cheating a bit by leaning the top of her head against the wood rim inside the cabinet.

[Image: pOT85gC.jpg]

Would I recommend a fully made Paradoll? DEFENITELY! Sure, it's expensive at a bit more than 12K yen shipped, but despite the limited clothing options, the fact that I can order everything conveniently from the same place make the overall price pretty reasonable. Especially when a HAND MADE FACE-UP is included! I'll get another Paradoll for sure. After all, that extra pair of shoes must go somewhere and it's a perfect excuse for Maple Reed to have a sister! Happy
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
That's pretty cool! I'm impressed by that Obitsu "action figure" pose, balanced on one foot! And all this for less than the price of one new Pullip doll!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Indeed! And what impress me the more is how the optional hand-made face-up option is only 2k yen!
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
I ordered a pair of spare white socks with my other Paradoll so that Maple have white socks instead of black. However, Parabox sent me the black ones by mistakes. The other Paradoll is wearing them and it look good, but Maple had to stay as is. I emailed Parabox about it and they immediately told me to keep the black socks and they sent me the white ones.

I just got the white socks. They sent them in a big cardboard envelope and by EMS no less! Damn, that's overkill! Parabox sure provide top notch services!

Anyway, Maple Reed finally have her white socks and she look even better. Happy

[Image: 4SLDh4Q.jpg]
[Image: al3736L.jpg]
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]

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