Pullip T1 original LEPROTTO video review!!!
No, it's not mine...

It's not hers either...

But at least, we can see this legendary grail in motion!

So what y'all think?
Worthy of her legendary status?
Kanrabat's dolls wish list:
Pullip Megurine Luka,  Byul Lilith,  Taeyang Edward Scissor Hands.

Uhm, I have no patience for videos, so I skipped through it. My motto is "If I can find her cheap enough," then sure, she's worth it. With her being an old style Pullip, it wouldn't be impossible to make my own. So I'm more likely to eventually have a faux - protto.

Hina, one of our admins here, has a faux custom as well as a real one. Faux custom: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pullip_jun...9800591073
and the orginal: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pullip_jun...7745157158

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