Meet Magnus!
Hey guys! 

I know I disappeared pretty much right after saying I was coming back and making a re-intro thread, but dang, if I wasn't going through a lot then, it's more than tripled now. I've been so stressed and overwhelmed and busy I've barely had a second of free time. 

It's only going to get worse and I'm only going to get busier, but I've been miserable the past month or so, so I decided for my new years resolution I'm going to try to do something that makes me happy again, because I haven't done anything that makes me happy in quite a while now. I'm going to try to play with my dolls. 

So I'll start out with introducing this 'new' boy. I say that lightly, because, despite the fact he's been here since late September or early October, this poor baby hasn't had a single photo taken and only one person in the dolly community besides myself knows he exists! 

That's never happened to be me before, usually I take photos the second I get a new doll, but, times is hard. 

Meet Magnus!
[Image: 45616499695_f4172c9e1f_z.jpg]Meet Magnus! by Haley, on Flickr
Meet Magnus! He's Piper's younger cousin and looks up to her SO much he practically idolizes her and wants to be just like her! Clearly, that's where he gets his fashion inspiration. 
[Image: 45616497035_521bc5a2f0_z.jpg]Meet Magnus! by Haley, on Flickr
He was a spur of the moment Tuesday Morning purchase, but, surprisingly, I pretty quickly knew what I wanted to do with him. It was just a matter of getting around to doing it(and names were an issue. I named him then forgot his name...oops. Took a while for that one to come back to me. Shows how much stress I'm under, I guess. heh.) 

I've actually always wanted a Tantus, so I'm really glad I added him to my collection! <3

Thanks for looking! I hope to stick around this time.
[Image: 32794945477_cdc3603774_o.png]
He's adorable... What a fun hat!

I always love your pictures and your dolls always have such character. I hope they help de-stress you and that everything works out OK.
What a charming gent! I love the combination of his fancy outfit with the hat!

I really hope things will get better for you, and until they do, I wish you a lot of strength!
Thank you guys so much! <3 I'm glad you like Magnus and thanks for the good wishes!
[Image: 32794945477_cdc3603774_o.png]
Love the combo of the frilly shirt and daft hat - it links back to his cousin’s fashion-sense, but is still his own look.

Hope that you are able to de-stress a bit and enjoy playing again. You take such lovely photos and I rrealky enjoy looking at them
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I love the bright, saturated colors in your photos of Magnus! They are a great photo-introduction to your newest arrival!

I seriously hope things stop getting worse and start getting better for you, like, immediately! Fingers XX'd for a truly happy New Year!

And thank you for starting me off on A Doll A Day at the beginning of 2018. It's been a challenging project, frustrating at times, but mostly it's been fun, and it's been a good way to put the cares (and annoyances, and occasionally worse) of the Real World aside for at least a moment each day.

I felt sad when you were not able to continue with your Doll A Day Project. Perhaps things will improve this coming year and at least allow you to join us here on the forum more regularly.

It's good to "see" you again! Take care!
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(12-31-2018, 04:35 AM)DeadlyNova Wrote: I decided for my new years resolution I'm going to try to do something that makes me happy again, because I haven't done anything that makes me happy in quite a while now. I'm going to try to play with my dolls. 
Yay, nice to see you back. I hearya... and dolls are really great therapy, even if you have to insist on the time to play with them and put other things aside for a while. Sorry things have been going badly, and I hope in the increased busy-ness of the new year you can carve out time for YOU and truly have some fun with your dolls, or with other things that make you smile.
Congrats on your colourful new guy too.
[Image: 47807942631_5f998ec5a7_o.jpg]
[Image: 46617956492_0e037451bc_o.jpg][Image: 46617962422_dcf7bcbf7d_o.jpg][Image: 46617959642_ce589e251c_o.jpg]
Thank you guys so much! <3 I'm hoping dolly therapy helps me out a little bit, too! <3
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I’m excited to see you back! I kinda vanished for a while here too; I was kinda in a similar boat where I let stress and life get in the way of doing what I love. It happens, but I think it’s good to make time for the things that bring you joy!
Welcome back, again, and welcome Magnus! I've always adored Tantus and it will be fun to see what you do with him.
Thank you guys!! <3
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