Sakura Wars TAKARA Special Doll Colection Sakura Shinguji

rather rare 2002 TAKARA made Sakura Shinguji character doll
from the SEGA Visual Novel/Dating Sim/FRONT MISSION-style Strategy hybrid game series "Sakura Wars"
a nearly Japan-exclusive game series that began life on the SEGA SATURN platform back in 1996.

i found her for relatively cheap, -so far as this sort of Anime merchandise goes- around $55shipped.
MANDARAKE has been a serious boon for me on this, as of late.

she got a sorely-needed doll body upgrade, from her stock TAKARA "Jenny" BARBIE-type body,
to the highly poseable, generally flattering-looking OBITSU brand aftermarket doll body. also, some enhanced lip detailing;


[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Wars%20-%20Special%20D...ji%202.jpg]


[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Shinguji%20%201-30-19.jpg]

CHARACTER ART (from catch-all/mash-up game franchise "Granblue Fantasy")

[Image: Sakura%20Shinguji%20Granblue%20CROPPED.png]


[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Wars%20-%20Special%20D...ji%201.jpg]


[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Shinguji%20%201-29-19%203.jpg]

[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Wars%20-%20Special%20D...ji%203.png]

just finished my SENTAI FILMWORKS DVD reissue of Sakura Wars T.V. too bad it so often tends towards being rather wonky and uneven.

also, i could swear the writer(s) had a vendetta against Sakura.
she seems to get shafted in this series, every way to Sunday, by just about everyone and everything. i don't get it.

i mean, i realize a lot of people out there tend to harbor a strong general distaste for Good Girl "Waifu" Anime characters,
-even in Japan at times, it would seem- but this is indeed ridiculous, guys. let Sakura alone for half a moment, already.

anyhow, SW T.V. was underwhelming/disappointing. in other news, Sakura came, and her head mates pretty seamlessly to an "N" (Natural) skin OBITSU BODY.

got plenty of work yet, between brushing Sakura's hair into shape, and altering the fit of her costume (modeled by a fellow Kosuke Fujishima Alumnus)
for the OBITSU doll body;

[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Shinguji%20%201-29-19.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

Well, her face is simply the cutest of cute, isn't it?

Too bad the DVD series was ultimately disappointing.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Ahh, that is a really cute face. I have to wonder how you find all these adorable ones, you seem to have great luck at it.
getting there... a pretty good fit, and some corrected lip detail.

perfect 1/6 metal-bladed Katana added, found as part of a historical model long and short katana collection, about a decade back;

[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Shinguji%20%201-29-19%202%201.jpg]

[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Shinguji%20%201-29-19%203.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

(01-30-2019, 04:13 AM)werepuppy Wrote: Ahh, that is a really cute face. I have to wonder how you find all these adorable ones, you seem to have great luck at it.

yeah, MANDARAKE's EBAY listings as of late have been a real treasure trove...
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Shinguji%20%201-30-19.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

[Image: Takara%20Sakura%20Shinguji%20%202-1-19.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

She looks so shy and pretty in a dress rather than a uniform. I love the ginormous bow in her hair!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
i know, i cannot get enough of it. i think this is going to become her default outfit, even. she looks like a Princess♥

it is all handmade by me, except for the ballet flats, which are BARBIE SKIPPER flats in a pearl white,
taken from a THE LITTLE MERMAID bridal Ariel, IIRC.

with straps added, these slippers, available in a range of colors, fit socked or stockinged OBITSU feet pretty perfectly...
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

I know absolutely nothing about Sakura Wars, but between this lovely lady and davidd’s Pinky St (I think maybe the same character, but again, no real name retention) I’m thinking it might be worth investigating!
while the Pinky Sakura is indeed quite good;

[Image: Sakura%20Wars%20Pinky%20St.%20Sakura%20S...19%201.jpg]

the more recent NENDOROID Sakura is even better. IMO, at least;

[Image: Nendoroid%20Sakura%20Shinguji%201.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

The Nendoroid definitely has a better sword – the handle on the Pinky version breaks off if you even look at it too hard.
I prefer the longer, more deeply pleated skirt of the Pinky figure.
Both the Nendoroid and the Pinky have fun, flowing hair.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
All versions look pretty cute to me. I like how the hair is shaped to be flowing for the nendoroid though. Gives a very active feel to her posing.
Ooh, the nendoroid is cute too! Those are starting to become a habit for me; nothing like collecting Pullips and BJD's to make nendoroids start to look affordable...

The sword for my Pinky broke literally the first time I touched it; you're not kidding about it being fragile! Her ponytail doesn't seem to want to stay in either.
now she has a pearl necklace;

[Image: Princess%20Sakura%20Shinguji%202-10-19.jpg]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥


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