the first, and most common, in a series of 1/6 dolls by at least two different Mfrs. (TAKARA and DAIKI KOGYO)

of the most famous and well-loved (within Japan, at least) female character

in SNK corporation's legendary Fighting Game franchise "SAMURAI SPIRITS" ("SAMURAI SHODOWN" outside Japan)

i got lucky, and found my own standard 1P color version of her off the BAY several years back

for a mere $13 and change shipped. the somewhat harder to find 2P alternate color version is also shown,

which i do not own.

i have since heavily modified her, including;

* new Face-Up

* new Miko (Japanese Shrine Maiden/Prestess) costume from SEGA "Chara-Doll Selection" Sakura Wars "Sakura Shinguji"

* new Short Blade (gleaned from a 1/6 model Long/Short Katana Blade set

* new 27cm. OBITSU doll body ( (N) "Natural" skintone, (S) "Small" bust size)

* new fully self-handcrafted cotton undies (Bra, Panties, Stockings)

[Image: Nakoruru_zpsbab1a74e.jpg]

[Image: Nakoruru2_zpsa3175767.jpg]

[Image: Nakoruru3_zps8425ea4d.jpg]

[Image: Nakorinhearts9-6-20143_zps08b18548.jpg]

[Image: Nakoruru%206-15-19.jpg]

[Image: Nakoruru%20and%20Multihearts%208-21-19.jpg]

[Image: Nakoruru%206-15-19%202.jpg]

[Image: SAMURAI%20SPIRITS%20Colle%20John%2012-16...jaq7cr.jpg]

[Image: 306376-nako1.jpgoriginal%20CROP_zpsy3xorwdl.png]
[Image: Mikuru%20Adult%20300px.%20horiz..jpg]♥Mikuru Asahina♥

What an adorable face! Made even more adorable by your subtle faceup improvements.

She looks much better on the new body, both in her original costume and in the more elegant outfit you found for her.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
It's a neat doll but terribly basic. Seriously, a fighting game character that CANNOT pose is preposterous.
Rescuing her with an Obitsu body was the best move possible. Only flaw is a color mismatch with the body. I usually do a simple body-up with MSC and dry pastels and I get a "close enough" result usually.

Nice new clothes too! When not fighting, Nakoruru can now serve as a shrine maiden and it suit her to a T.
Kanrabat's dolls wish list:
Pullip Megurine Luka,  Byul Lilith, Docolla Akazukin Cha Cha.


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