Mamotte Shugogetten; Shaorin, Victorian Princess
my first actual Japanese market Character doll, branching out from the U.S. market TOYNAMI Tenchi Muyo! dolls
that started me out on the character doll collection/customization hobby back around 2001.

i found Shaorin here, a late-90's TSUKUDA HOBBY 1/5-ish girl from the late-90's Anime/Manga series Mamotte Shugogetten, on the BAY for a great price back in 2008.
i had this lovely, highly modified Victorian dress left over from early on in my TOYNAMI Tenchi days, -robbed from a 1/6-ish scaled porcelain display doll-
and i further modified/re-tailored it to fit Shaorin here.

she of course has full Victorian undergarments, -scratch-handmade by me- all except for a Corset, anyway;

[Image: Shaorin%20Victorian%20Princess%208-4-20%201.jpg]

[Image: Shaorin%20Victorian%20Princess%208-4-20%202.jpg]

[Image: Shaorin%20Victorian%20Princess%208-4-20%203.jpg]

[Image: Shaorin%20Victorian%20Princess%208-4-20%204.jpg]

Shaorin's original form. first, as she had come to me in 2008,
and then, extensively modified/improved by me, back around 2018, complete, with handmade undies;

[Image: Shaorin%20TSUKUDA%20HOBBY%20F.A.D.S.%201999.jpg]

[Image: Shaorin%20TSUKUDA%20HOBBY%20F.A.D.S.%201...E%2030.jpg]

[Image: Shaorin%202-19-19%20RESIZE%2030.jpg]

She has a very endearing face
Superb upgrade over the original costume! Beautiful detail additions.

But... is this her final form???
They're not dolls, they're action figures!

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