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Full Version: Welly's Feedback; 100% positive! *^^* Thank you everyone~!
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Dolly Market:

Positive - 3 (from previous boards) + 47 from these boards :3
Total: 50

Neutral - 0

Negative - 0


Positive - 19

Neutral - 0

Negative - 0

My ebay account also has 10 positives ^^

Thanks everyone~! ^^ <3 <3
+1 positive for the beautiful wig I purchased from you. Thanks!


+1 for Aquel's shoes. Arrived safely. Well packaged. Thank you!
+1 for being such a sweet buyer

+1 for selling me this gorgeous wig thank you sooo much
+1 for selling me butler wig and zuora capeþ. Arrived safely. Well packaged. Thank you!

+1 Thanks!
+1 for selling Moon to me. Shes so awesome, and I'm SO pleased thank you!!!
+ 1 as a seller.
Doll was neatly packaged, quickly shipped and communications were good.
Thanks again!
+1 Wonderful seller. Thank you so much!

+ 1 Amazing seller, super fast shipping and perfect communication!

I would love to buy more things from you in the future, you're such a nice person and I'm so happy with Carol <3 <3 <3
+1 as a seller.
Always comminicative, ships promptly and is very nice.
Thank you!
+1 for seller - Even though I didn't end up buying from her she was very nice about it and was very helpful.
+1 as a seller. Doll arrived in very good condition and with a sweet note in her box. Reasonable price and all-around very nice communication.
+1 as a seller! I loved doing business with her. She wraps her packages carefully, is very patient and kind in her responses and in an overall amazing person to do business with!
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