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Full Version: Cinna'smum's Feedback
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This is my feedback page. Thanks for your business!

Positive - 21
Neutral -
Negative -

I have feedback at the loligothdbs and in my journal on LiveJournal under the username Mew_RisaChan.
I also make some of my doll transactions under my mother's Ebay account, laura41057 (100%).
+1 for quick payment! Thanks Lisa!
+1 -- great buyer, thanks so much!


+1 fast payment, good communication! Thank you again!
+1 for a very old transaction, I forgot to put up! so sorry Cinna!!!


Great buyer and very prompt payment!
+1 as a buyer!

Thanks ever so much!

smile Fast payment, great communication, lovely person!

Good split partner - she paid promptly for Coco's stock. Thanks!
Very fast payment for my HK, very nice person ^^
+1 for being a great buyer!

+1 Quickest payment ever
+1 great buyer

great communication
+ 1 positive as a buyer!

Really lovely person!
We quite didn't understand ourselves at the beginning but the transaction, but the missunderstandment quickly dissapeared and it went smoothly!

Thanks :kissy:
+1 from me as a buyer! Excellent communication, fast payment! Thanks so much!
+1 as a buyer.

very friendly and great to work with.

thank you so much!

+1 for a great buyer!! ^___^
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