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I collect My Little Ponies, and have plenty of other buying/selling/trading feedback here.


Nina is a great buyer :]
Quick payment and good communication!
+1 positive. Thank you! She shipped quickly and I love my items!
+1 for the Sindy vanity set & flower PJ dress -- VERY well packaged!! Thanks so much!
+1 as a seller for a bunch of random bratz/barbie stuff, everything was shipped right away and arrived safe and sound smile
1+ for friendly seller,great communication,smooth transaction!! Thanks so much!
+1 for a friendly seller who did everything just as it should. Many thanks again! smile
+1 positive, received my shirt -thanks!
+1 positive as a seller!
Items arrived quick and safe!
Thank you <img src=" />
such a friendly seller!items arrived save and quick!thank you!!
+1 positive as a seller, I bought shoes, smooth transaction and I received a gift! thank you!
+1 as buyer, fast payment and thanks for understanding about my little delay of forgetting to bring the doll to work to be shipped -__-"
+1, Great buyer, super quick payment and great communication!
+1 as a seller

wonderfully fast shipping time and the item were safe in a ziplock bag ( the envolpe looked like it had tried to be opened DX but all the stuff was safe cause it was in a baggy) XD
+1 as a seller. Super fast shipping, great prices, awesome communication and will go out of her way to fix things for you. Thanks so much! <3
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