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Full Version: photo-shoot!! *very pic heavy*
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Hey guys, borrowing my housemate's laptop as mine's still being stoopid! So I uploaded some pics I took the other night. Apologies for the lighting, it's dingy here, & it's my phone camera (Plus Liza doesn't have photoshop on her lappy). Onto pics.....


[Image: Photo0628.jpg]

[Image: Photo0640.jpg]

[Image: Photo0660.jpg]


[Image: Photo0681.jpg]

[Image: Photo0680.jpg]

[Image: Photo0682.jpg]


[Image: Photo0694.jpg]
(With her dog, Winston)

[Image: Photo0698.jpg]

[Image: Photo0709.jpg]

Sorry, cr*p pics of her, I can't pose the 25cm, & her clothes don't fit!
[Image: Photo0711.jpg]

[Image: Photo0713.jpg]

Hope you like! smile

Polly's going on a 27cm L bust asap, I just can't pose the 25cm properly, & she looks all little & innocent....not really what I'm going for with her, lol.
Their jewelry is so cute! Do you make it?
Meg looks sooo cute! I love her freckles!
Thanks both smile

I made most of the jewellery, Meg's star earring I didn't make, but the handcuffs necklace I made, & the stripey beads necklace. My mum made Erin's earrings, & I made her necklace out of a phone charm. I made all of Fenn's jewellery apart from the plastic cuff, which is barbie, & I made one of the beaded bracelets Polly's wearing. I make & sell jewellery on DM smile
The first photo of Meg and the first one of Fenn Heart I love all your family but those 2 are so stunning smile I am going to PM you about jewellery very soon, I love the handcuff necklace it's so Meg LOL
>.< i love every single one of your girls
Thanks both smile

Miss Edith, the handcuff necklace is cool isn't it! She has a matching belt made of the handcuffs too, lol.

ti_chan_09, thanks youuu smile
Your girls are stunning, you took beautiful pics of them Heart 2
thanks so much smile
There all so cute!!
Meg is so cute Heart
I really love the second picture of her.
thanks both! smile
Your Fenn is so adorable! I love the pic of her and her dog.
thanku smile i adore fenn, prunella is a stunning doll <3 i got the dog for 99p from work, lol! he needs his eyes sorting though, the tiny dots look a little odd.