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Full Version: New photos of my pullip
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I had not up photos of my pullip.
Lately I have very little free time.
Hope you enjoy the pictures yay

[Image: 5549903155_bc02e2e3f3.jpg]
Nelly (Pullip Prunella) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5549901095_dd5539fa6a.jpg]
Nelly (Pullip Prunella) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5549895025_3bd1031a9a.jpg]
Nami (Pullip Veritas) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5549891677_7b7fedac85.jpg]
Yuffie (Pullip Youtsuzu) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5549889027_bac18bbc59.jpg]
Yuffie (Pullip Youtsuzu) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5550481118_f804d65f5f.jpg]
Christie (Pullip Kirsche) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5491585053_dc471b96cb.jpg]
Airi (Pullip Shinku) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5491586099_4d6027923a.jpg]
Airi (Pullip Shinku) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5550468620_be04f9fd24.jpg]
¡¡ Happy Birthday RIKKU !! por *cOyE*, en Flickr
Your girls are gorgeous, I love the piccies. I'm so jelous of your Kirsche! She will be my next dolly purchase smile
Kirsche is beautiful! you will not regret your purchase
Nice family you have. I like their dresses, did you make them yourself?
Very pretty girls, I'm seriously in love with all of their clothing. Especially Yuffie's dress!
My goodness, they are stunning!!!
Thank you very much! All dresses are made ​​by me except Prunella dress that made ​​a friend of mine
Your girls are very beautiful!!!

I wish I had just a small amount of skills with a camera.
Thanks SwordPony ! smile
all your girls and all the clothes are equally stunning smile
I think my favourite dress is Nami's but yep, they are all amazing !
They look great! I love the contrast of their hair when they are all side by side. smile
Beautiful girls Coye! I'm so jealous of your Prunella! She's my grail! yay
Your family are beautiful!! nice dolls!
Lovely girls!! I'm very pleased of seeing them again ♥♥♥!! Yuffie is still my fav grin
Thank you all! I'm so glad you like my family pullip
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