New photos of my pullip
I had not up photos of my pullip.
Lately I have very little free time.
Hope you enjoy the pictures yay

[Image: 5549903155_bc02e2e3f3.jpg]
Nelly (Pullip Prunella) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5549901095_dd5539fa6a.jpg]
Nelly (Pullip Prunella) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5549895025_3bd1031a9a.jpg]
Nami (Pullip Veritas) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5549891677_7b7fedac85.jpg]
Yuffie (Pullip Youtsuzu) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5549889027_bac18bbc59.jpg]
Yuffie (Pullip Youtsuzu) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5550481118_f804d65f5f.jpg]
Christie (Pullip Kirsche) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5491585053_dc471b96cb.jpg]
Airi (Pullip Shinku) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5491586099_4d6027923a.jpg]
Airi (Pullip Shinku) por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 5550468620_be04f9fd24.jpg]
¡¡ Happy Birthday RIKKU !! por *cOyE*, en Flickr
[Image: 6049212403_bae06f596c_z.jpg]
Your girls are gorgeous, I love the piccies. I'm so jelous of your Kirsche! She will be my next dolly purchase smile

Kirsche is beautiful! you will not regret your purchase
[Image: 6049212403_bae06f596c_z.jpg]
Nice family you have. I like their dresses, did you make them yourself?
Very pretty girls, I'm seriously in love with all of their clothing. Especially Yuffie's dress!
My goodness, they are stunning!!!
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Thank you very much! All dresses are made ​​by me except Prunella dress that made ​​a friend of mine
[Image: 6049212403_bae06f596c_z.jpg]
Your girls are very beautiful!!!

I wish I had just a small amount of skills with a camera.
Thanks SwordPony ! smile
[Image: 6049212403_bae06f596c_z.jpg]
all your girls and all the clothes are equally stunning smile
I think my favourite dress is Nami's but yep, they are all amazing !
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They look great! I love the contrast of their hair when they are all side by side. smile
Beautiful girls Coye! I'm so jealous of your Prunella! She's my grail! yay
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Your family are beautiful!! nice dolls!
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Lovely girls!! I'm very pleased of seeing them again ♥♥♥!! Yuffie is still my fav grin
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Thank you all! I'm so glad you like my family pullip
[Image: 6049212403_bae06f596c_z.jpg]

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