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Full Version: London UK meet, 3rd September....
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I`ll bring 2 but I dont know which ones yet. Definitely my favourite Barasuishou and either another Pullip / Dal / YoSD.
I'd love for someone to bring a Dal, as I'm considering purchasing a pair of twins next smile

I'll bring Meg...But she's a teribble example of customisation, lol, & her eyelashes are falling off! haha.....well loved I think is the term...So yeh, but I'll bring her anyhow....gah, who else though....? I'm not going to bring Polly, Ginny or Jake, that's for sure. So it's either Fenn, Erin, Kitty or Kenna. It's probably going to be either Erin or Kenna tbh....maybe both, lol.

Well megabus is out for me, as I wouldn't be able to leave until 8pm, & it' a 3 hour journey home, lol. So think I'll be coming in via train. I think I'm just going to buy an open return on the day...anyone know how much it might cost?
I'm defiantly bringing my taeyang and kaela, I'll see if I have enough room for my dal Tongue
I can bring my one and only Dal then... one and only because of her attitude but ssshhh. xd
:o mine has attitude to martah, she likes using my byul as a minion so watch out LOL
It seems like the meet is going to be... interesting XD
one week left, woop. ^^
Oh lil if you try and buy a train ticket to london on the day you're gonna get totally ripped off! You have to book in advance to get train fares for any reasonable amount x
Yeh, I'm thinking I'll need something in advance. I think I'll come in on the Mega bus, which is only £8, then get a train ticket to come home so I don't have a long return journey smile

Thanks to those bringing Dals smile

What time is everyone else going to be heading home? I've no idea what time to book my home journey for :p
mine is at half 6, me and martah where thinking about meeting at marble arch, since it's on the same tube line as oxford street, and that means hamleys Tongue
Lol, I went in Hamleys last time I was in London, there wasn't much there, & it was overpriced sad I was pretty disappointed.

Would it be an idea for us to exchange mobile numbers? & photo's...otherwise we'll be looking for a needle in a haystack :p lol.

Half 6 sounds cwl, I'll book my train home for then.

So exciting!!! smile
guys, due to the rioting in london, might it b best to postpone our meet-up for now? maybe arrange it for next month when things will (hopefully!) have settled.
I think that might be a very good idea ladies, london is in a very bad way atm, if nothing else the public transport is really up the swanny!
Mmm next month sounds cool, what days are good for people (would like to sort this out asap so I can amend my tickets)
I was just wondering if this would be discussed now ;p I'm good for moving it on too, not in the last week of September though :]
I`m fine with it too. I would be actually glad to have it later since half of my face got swollen due to an allergy...
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