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Full Version: London UK meet, 3rd September....
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Perhaps the 3rd as my birthday is on the 30th of august it be like a late birthday picnic or something LOL
3rd would be fine by me smile I can't do the 10th as I have a friend staying, & the 17th is my birthday.
I've edited the title of the thread to 3rd September - hope thats ok with everyone smile

We may even get a couple more people come!
guys.....we still on for this?
I really need to know if this is still happening or not? because of my shifts at work, & because I need to book tickets....
Is this still going on, I need to know if I need to pack my bag or not >.>


I wish I could join!
Well, Im new but I'd love to assist. And I think it might be possible 'cause although I'm from Spain, I got some friends living in London atm, so maybe I'll be able to borrow their sofa or something xD
Hello! I'm Charon, my first Pullip should arrive before that and I would love to join in! If the location is not set yet, I could recommend afternoon tea at the Wallace Collection. Price is about £7.50-12
Unless this is a yearly meet, this thread needs to be archived. The first post is from 2011! Rb_x
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