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Full Version: January 14 Chicago Meetup - Union Station Great Hall
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okay so heres an update - im not going to make it tmrw sad with he snow and with my foot being in a boot my parents dont want me doing alot of walking around - i'll try to make it to the next meet but this one is deffently off
I hope you're lucky and Doughnut Vault has some available! They're really delicious, but they sell out so fast!

Is anyone interested in eyechips? I forgot that I bought some, thinking I would customize, but I'm not going to.
I am brining my new Luce! She is very cute. I have an extra - anyone interested in buying her? If so, I will bring her along.
Aside from wigs, here's what I'm looking for -

eyechips in brown and grey, and the clear flat customizable ones
shoes, preferably black
some other stuff on my "wanted" thread that nobody probably has ^^;

Aside from Tae clothes, is anyone looking for anything else?
What is Kringle? *noob*
Kringle is an amazing thing. It's a little like danish, and a little like coffee cake, but not like either, really. It's good though. I bought cherry and apple cinnamon for tomorrow.
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