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Full Version: Pullip Banshee - SHE'S HERE!!
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I have NOT removed her from the box, as she's a present for my mom, but I did take her out to take a few pics for you guys! She is lovely.

[Image: 6284393969_6606a2aa44_z.jpg]
Hair and face-up.

Her hair is tri-toned. Blonde, strawberry, and purple. It's much less noticeable in person, and I like it - but it was hard to take a pic like this. Her lips are dual-toned (!).

[Image: 6284911736_064b15188a_z.jpg]

[Image: 6284393449_6074e810fa_z.jpg]
In this pic you see her hat and a boot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her boots. And the hat is super cute and sparkly!

[Image: 6284911030_135f40e43f_z.jpg]
Her little skeleton dude is pretty cool too. wink
so cute - i need to upload pictures of Sith...
She's so colorful and cute. Such a pretty face-up!
thanks for posting! I`ve been dying to see some "real" pics of her.hopefully more posts to comesmile
(10-27-2011, 01:47 PM)harajukupat Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for posting! I`ve been dying to see some "real" pics of her.hopefully more posts to comesmile

I hope so!! I wanted to take her out of the box so bad xD I'll take some pics after my mom opens her for Christmas, but that'll be pretty late already. She is REALLY gorgeous, though. And her stock is super cute!

I think my favorite part is her faceup, I took like a dozen pics of it xD
I cannot wait to get her out of layby !! Thankyou for posting piccies, she is so beautiful smile
She looks adorable!
Oh gosh she's beautiful!! Want!!
She really is beautiful. Way different than on promo pictures.
Ooh, her hair is very interesting! I hadn't really noticed it in the promotional images.
Damn I was really hoping your pics won't make me want her... Too late Tongue
<3 thanks for all your comments!

Little Spark - it was SO HARD for me to not take her out of the box, she's lovely, and totally worth it! wink
I love love love her faceup but I won't be able to afford her anytime soon, I'll see if I can use her as an inspiration for my own custom lol. Let's hope it doesn't turn out too crappy wink
is gorgeous