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Full Version: lunch atMitsuwa Mall, Arlington Heights, IL, April 14
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I will be in the northern suburbs of Chicago the morning of April 14. Who wants to meet up around lunchtime at Mitsuwa Mall in Arlington Heights?
I'm in for a strong "maybe".
It's still a little early to say yes, but I really want to.
I am also a maybe~
I will be there!
i guess it will all depend on if i can borrow the car or get a ride - so i guess im a maybe also - lol
I'll definitely be there!
D: I have to take the ACT that day ;___; so I can't go.
Oh, double whammy. I'm sorry you can't come!
I will totally be there there!
i completly forgot about this - right now its a 50/50 if i go - i need to sell some more stuff to pay for gas - ill keep you all posted
OK, sounds good!
This is getting so close, I can't wait to see you guys again! I hope everyone can make it.
It will be interesting to see if they have any Rement this year.
I will come too!
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