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Full Version: New way to get BST Access!
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We're going to try something new! Once you have met the requirements listed below for BST access all you need to do is post in this thread Happy . BST access may take up to a week after posting to this thread. If you fail to meet requirements but post here anyway, you will not be granted BST access until a week after you have met all the requirements sly .

Requirements for BST Access-
- Be a part of the community, a minimum of 15 posts in the forum to active discussions/threads is required. Don't spam, well thought out posts are a must copying/pasting "ooooo pretty" to 15 different photo topics in less than thirty minutes isn't going to cut it. Remember this isn't a race, hang out for a week or two before asking for BST access not the day you join.

OR be able to show an Admin 20+ positive feedback from somewhere else and that you are an active member in another community (Ex. MLP Arena, PullipStyle, Den of Angels, etc.)

- Make a feedback thread on Dolly Market. Do NOT make a feedback thread for someone who hasn't made one yet, it's their own problem if they can't do it themselves.

- Post an introduction. If you don't post an introduction our anti-spam program will sometimes flag you as a spambot and will flag all of your subsequent posts as spam so please post an introduction.

-Make sure you have at least your country filled out in the locations box.

- Once you have met all of the requirements please post in this thread.

Note: Those between the ages of 13-17 must have parental consent to sell. If you're under 13, you will only be able to buy items not sell.

* For users with feedback elsewhere please link your feedback thread and/or tell us which forum as well as your username (if different than your username here).
I do not yet have BST access; I have over 15 forum posts, have a feedback thread, and have my location filled out.

Thank you very much Hina. grin Heart
Have met all requirements a while ago ~

Looking forward to the BST smile (and very glad to hear there's a new and quicker method of doing this lol)
Met all requirements. smile
Excellente! Bravo!

I've had my access for a while, but I find long requirements irksome at best. Come to think of it, I got in sooner with references, pleading and probably good timing. And proceeded to support my dollymarket friends immediately! That's just it to me, I can understand restricting selling, but buying? I've had people approach me who are afraid they will be turned down buying something because of lack of feedback. To me, Paypal is good, I don't need a reference to take it.

Yes, I know there can be nightmare buyers who could cause no end of grief to a seller. But, I don't think you can legislate that away. I think this is a friendly change, and I'm all for it.
I should meet all the requirements. <:
I have 30 positive (100%) as Bladespark on the MLP arena. (I believe this link should go there:;u=5877 ) I also have a fair amount of feedback from the pkmcollector's lj, though I haven't been active there at all in quite some time, but my old thread is here:

I made a feedback thread here:

And I've filled out my country.

Thanks! :3
Hopefully have met all requirements now posts, location etc. no feedback threads anywhere else as this and pullipstyle are my only active forums. But I have 100% positive on 679 transactions on eBay and all positive as a seller on etsy if anyone were to have any concerns wink
This was the PM I sent to Kanamai when it was the old method (and never got approved :'( )

Hi. I've created a feedback thread for myself here:

I haven't got the post count but I am active on DoA under the username Rinoa (since 2005), and have a feedback thread here:

I also have feedback on eBay too:

Thank you for your time!
Hi I should have met the requirements smile
I believe everyone who has posted in this thread should now have BST access, if you don't please comment again and I'll fix it asap.
I had met requirements almost a year ago and still no BST access sad
I'm really hoping I get it this time. Thank you!
Still no access. sad
Should be fixed now.
I believe I've met all the requirements. Here's my feedback thread, if you need it.
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