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Full Version: East Bay Meet Up (SF Bay Area) - Ardenwood Historic Farm/ (COMPLETE)
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Wondering if anyone wants to have a quick meet up in January at Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont, CA (East bay)?

Here is information about the farm:

I'll be hosting Penny, the traveling Yeolume during that time and if you'd like to meet up, let's do it!

Admission is about $3 to enter the farm (they have cute animals!) and they'll have monarch butterfly walks if you're interested. We can have a picnic if it's warm enough (or have a snack in my condo too, I'm not too far away from the farm). It's also not too far off from the Coyote Hills Regional Park, so we can take her out for some nature photos or something. smile I've taken my Figma Link out there a few times for photos.

Or we can have a meet up for some afternoon tea at Tyme for Tea. I've never been there, but it looks cute!

Anytime after January 11th works for me.

Hope to hear from y'all! smile
You know I'll be there! Any day should work for me! Happy
(11-20-2013, 11:46 AM)dms_a_jem Wrote: [ -> ]You know I'll be there! Any day should work for me! Happy

Yay! <3 I'm excited, and hope it's not too cold then!
Count me in, too. My sister and two nieces all have birthdays in January, but hopefully I can still make the selected date.
Oh great! Let us know what days work best for you, zayne when you find out. :3
Oh my, with my sister making plans I won't know what she is doing until the last minute. I'm pretty sure Saturday the 25th is out because that is her actual birthday, but the girls usually have a combined party for their's which fall on the 4th and 22nd. We might be better off you make the plans and I let her know I can't make xyz date.
I can throw out that a Sunday might be better because she'll probably pick a Saturday for the girls so she has a day to recoupe from a kiddie party. Tongue
Sundays work best for me as well since I now visit my parents on Saturdays for dinner. I'm thinking the 12th might work out? And it'll be within the window that Penny should be here. smile
That sounds good. I'll pencil it in.
Is the 12th still sounding like the set date? I think that still works for me.
Yup still works for me! Does around 11am work? If weather is okay we can have a picnic or something. smile
Just replied to you PM, but it's good for me too.

Any other Bay Area peeps feel like joining us? Speak now, or you might not get any sandwiches and sweets! LOL
Yay! Yes! Any other Bay Area folk interested? Please come?

Let's meet at 11AM in the parking lot. Before the entrance there's a few benches and we can meet up. I drive a yellow VW Beetle with Oakland A's (green/yellow) fuzzy dice in the mirror so if you see it parked there, I'm there!
Great! I'll try to park my blue and white beetle with a cut-and-fold Grumpy Cat riding the back seat next to your beetle.
What? So many cute cars! grin
Well, I'm afraid I have to break up the Beetle parade with my Mini, but it's red so at least we'll have the 3 primary colors represented! yay
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