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OK, this just broke the cuteness meter. cat would never let me do that!
Thank you. xD <3

Mine probably normally woudln't. He is just veeery sleepy right now!

I did have to be quick though. He kept opening his eyes and giving me the look.
Eva ( did I remember it right, if not sorry) looks so peaceful smile like mei on Totoro smile
Yes, it's Eva! grin

Aaah, that's an adorable comparison!
Both of them look so cute and sleepy! <3
[Image: 24596071565_5a630d07b9_o.jpg]
Charonne chilling out with the director's assistant after her photoshoot.
How nice of Charonne to coordinate her look with the director's assistant!
Director's assistant has a very serious look going on. LOL
[Image: msy647.jpg]

I got one of the new made to move Barbies, in part to check skintone (no matches in my dolly collection, I thought she'd match Cornice but she's too pink!) and then I got a Disney Mulan doll thinking a head swap would work, but Barbie's neck was too big for Mulan.

Anyway, Zuki decided he needed to get in my lap and play with dolls, so he got a snuggle from Barbie. I named her Miko after my favorite Barbie as a kid, although they really don't look that much alike.
She seems to be very happy laying down on that fluffy kitty smile
I really like the made to move barbies I need to pick one up! You cat is so cute she reminds me of one of my first cat I've ever had.
[Image: 2lige1f.jpg]

I think I just customized a doll into the human version of my cat Pillow!
Ha! That's a cute wig, too!
Squee, they match! That's so cute. Both photos are sweet -- it's cool that you get your cat to pose with the dolls.
(02-14-2016, 03:11 PM)Severity Wrote: [ -> ]I think I just customized a doll into the human version of my cat Pillow!

That is cutest custom smile I wanna make my cats human version smile they are very cute together
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