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(02-14-2016, 03:11 PM)Severity Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 2lige1f.jpg]

I think I just customized a doll into the human version of my cat Pillow!

Eeeeeeeeee! Heart They're both so cute! I thought, "They look like twins!" even before I read your note at the bottom. LOL
That's absolutely adorable! I also thought they looked like twins before reading underneath! I love that wig.
Hehe, thanks everyone! Pillow is an elderly kitty and a bit more patient at having dolls plunked down around her. Zuki, on the other hand, is the most kittenish 2-year-old cat I've ever met, with the exception of his brother. Is it a Bengal thing? Anyway, he's just like constantly in my lap and was sleeping when I put the Barbie doll on him. A moment after I took the picture he bit her arm. wink
Kitty had dental surgery yesterday. Scary for both of us. She's very happy to be home, and wasn't really interested in settling down with Petra for a bedtime story.

[Image: 26691263424_3009a0acce_o.jpg]
Poor baby hope she feels better soon. You know so that she can read a story for the girls Tongue cats have high pain tolerance hope knowing that would be some sort of consolation.
Poor thing, I hope she feels better by now. <3 You did get a cute photo out of it!

[Image: 27126248790_4bbbe414c0_z.jpg]Food? by Haley, on Flickr
Neither looks impressed! LOL Pretty kitty! Is s/he winking or does s/he have just one eye?
Thank you! She indeed only has one eye.
What a cutie! It would be funny to get a pic with a winking pullip smile I used to have a one-eyed kitty too!
AWWW how cute! She always looks like she's winking!
Oh now you've given me ideas! Thank you guys. xD
What a sweet baby! smile
Both of your cats are very cute smile they both look fluffy smile
People I enjoyed a lot with all your photos with pets! *o*

I only have one photo with one of my dogs. I must take more!
[Image: 20994355202_533529f3b5.jpg]O_O Someone's behind me?... by it's_a_secret, en Flickr

It's not a fake is real! I still can't believe how my dog was able to stay halcyon when I was taking the photo xd xd xd xd Shadow was scared for a while! xd
[Image: 26560602644_aae7d63831_z.jpg]143. Cat! by addiebabe (*˘︶˘*), on Flickr

[Image: 26699700426_ff4cde554c_z.jpg]Outtakes ☆♡

[url=][Image: 26062069272_2ed414bee9_z.jpg]
More pet photobombing... by addiebabe (*˘︶˘*), on Flickr

[Image: 26749725931_93512a1735_z.jpg]☆ Happy Star Wars day! ☆ by addiebabe (*˘︶˘*), on Flickr

The pets continue to be unwilling props for my photos or determined to try and ruin them!!!
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