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Full Version: Missy's Crew December Newsletter (HEAVY picspam!)
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I haven't had the time lately to take piccies of the new girls as they arrived, so deiced to conglomerate all the arrivals together in one big gallery/newsletter smile so here's what everyone's been up to lately!


Back in September, a sweet Hello Kitty came to live with us. Bonnie arrived full stock with a messy wig and a broken hand, but now she's been rebodied, rewigged (thanks to a FMD GO run by Vadafade! Thanks, Vada! grin) and redressed in Chibi Risa stock. She looks so adorably haughty in her new look that she'll be staying that way smile

[Image: 2s7arlw.jpg]

[Image: 5yfcr7.jpg]

[Image: 2n0jv9t.jpg]

[Image: nbapef.jpg]

and if you were wondering what happened to the Hello Kitty outfit...?

[Image: j5fnso.jpg]

Bella: I. Hate. You.


[Image: 6f0bxj.jpg]

September also arrived in...September xD And like Bonnie, she really benefited from a new FMD wig. Her old one was icky sad Here she is, being a classic beauty! Heart


[Image: sne820.jpg]

A very unexpected recent arrival was Stacey! I always wanted a Romantic Alice Pink but could never afford her full stock ;__; so I couldn't miss the chance to bring this nude girl home. She seems like the shy type, but Bonnie immediately made friends with her smile

[Image: xe0k1k.jpg]

[Image: 2lw3cau.jpg]


In other news, Juliet learned to clone herself!

[Image: 2eob8ux.jpg]

...not really Tongue Kate, the Original Paja, came home! Side by side they look more like distant cousins than twins.


[Image: a1k95i.jpg]

[Image: 2yu0s9l.jpg]

Cherami the Akemi is having lots of fun over here in England! Many thankyou-hugs to her previous mum, Pink Cow, who allowed me to finally bring this pretty little bundle of colour and joy home smile


[Image: 10qwiv9.jpg]

And speaking of colour, I managed to fulfil a dream and land a NRFB Papin! She didn't stay NRFB for long xD Here's Crissy! Her wig is super soft but the fact that it's from an animal really freaks me out, so she'll be getting a new look pretty soon ^^ In the meantime, she's a daydreamer...

[Image: 30rquf6.jpg]


[Image: 23w07f5.jpg]

[Image: 27yvjfs.jpg]

Another redhead joined the crew too! She is named after my favourite Champion in the Pokemon franchise. She seems very nice, but she stole Dom's plush KunKun and doesn't seem to be in a hurry to give it back... ^^;


[Image: 2elfho7.jpg]

And, finally, it seems the third Pru is the charm, because this one is staying. I was delighted to add Piper to the family Heart

Pru is a very special Pullip, so she got a special outfit from Cositas de Nenitas. Here she is working it on a cold December afternoon!

[Image: mr5ijk.jpg]

[Image: slise1.jpg]

Thank you for viewing! This has been my first full year in the doll hobby and it's been great one, so I'd like to say a special thank you to everyone who shared beautiful photos of their dollies, who helped me when I had a question, who bought from my sales listings, and generally everyone who's made this hobby so much fun! Me and my crew wish you all lovely holidays and a very happy new year! grin
Great dolly year! All of your new girls are very pretty. I really like Bonnie's new look. smile
What a great "newsletter". It was so much nicer than the Christmas form letters we get from people we hardly know! LOL
Your girls are lovely and I like the way you styled the photos too.
Merry Christmas smile
They're all so gorgeous! *_* Bonnie looks fantastic in that wig! I also really like Piper's wig on her, and the way you dressed her up too!
I love Bonnie's look I really need a Hello Kitty! and wauw those are some amazing wigs!
Merry Christmas and all the best for the next dollie year!! grin
Oh what a great review, you really did have fun this year......what beautiful dolls joined your family. I love your Pru very much indeed.

Happy New Year!
Thank you so much for the sweet comments, everyone! Heart
You have had a very great dollyear! Curious for your new year plans! wink
Fanstastic additions to your family. Those FMD wigs really did a fabulous job of updating their looks!
Thank you Nadine! Heart

Scrapsoflife - oh my gosh, they REALLY did. I can't recommend FMD wigs enough; this was my first time buying them and they are honestly the loveliest quality wigs I've ever seen, so soft and shiny and the colour is exactly as the website shows. Will definitely be purchasing from there in future!
If you want to sell your Papin wig, I am interested! wink And may I ask, whats FMD? A brand? A shop?
I'll definitely keep you in mind! Although I'm afraid it might not be parting from her head for a while, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to rewigging and try to do lots of girls in one batch LOL

FMD stands for For My Doll, which is a wig company based in Korea. They have an amazing selection! smile Here you go:
Thank you so much! smile Please keep me in mind, I am in no rush either! wink
Ahh your girls are all so pretty! And I think Bella looks adorable in the Hello Kitty outfit... maybe dont tell her I said that mind you!
What colour wig will you be going for for Crissy? =3 Keep us updated on the new wigs! X3
Aww, thanks oonyaoo! And (whispers) I think so too Heart there's something about Dal's grumpy-wumpy face in a big frilly Hello Kitty getup that's kind of precious LOL

Not sure about Crissy's wig yet! Papin's such a versatile girl that it's hard to choose a colour and style. I might browse Flickr for inspiration and see what others have done with their Papins!
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