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Hi All,

Jumping onto the challenge bandwagon for this year. I did a doll-a-day last year for another forum, and it was exhausting by the end trying to think of ideas! (I resorted to a lot of @davidd's "doll stuffed in a corner" photos at times)

But I can do a doll-a-week challenge, and it means that I can keep up with my photo-taking, as I'd hate to get out of the habit after last year.

Week 1 - Beatrice wanted to be pilot ever since she was given her first toy plane.
[Image: b9f64b40e9583415a7fb0965cf745501.jpg]
Yay, another addition smile Beatrice is beautiful & that plane is adorable.

I wonder if DeadlyNova expected the amount of joining in her wonderful task has inspired grin
I love the miniature tin toy airplane! And I quite love Pullip Amelia! This is a wonderful picture with which to embark on the Doll A Week project!
(01-07-2018, 04:36 PM)Miss Edith Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder if DeadlyNova expected the amount of joining in her wonderful task has inspired grin

Definitely not. xD

This photo is SO cute!! I love her little plane!!!
Yay -- lots of room on the bandwagon grin
That's such a cute portrait, and I really like the little plane too.
I couldn't do a doll a day, and am very impressed by those of you who have, or are going to. That is really a lot of photos! So I can imagine you'll find a weekly pace much easier!
Yay, good luck! Love the first photo!
Cool! I love your dolly family smile hello Amelia , her airplane is adorable
The more the merrier! Gotta love another bunny pilot!
I love the airplane and her goggles on. She is ready for flight. Very cute!
The little plane was bought on a whim last week when I dropped into the Doll House shop to look for furniture. The furniture is all too small (which I thought it would be), but they had lots of little props & toys which are a perfect size. There was a little bowl of the tin planes and I thought of Bea immediately when I saw them.

This week's shot - Ashli enjoyed some time in the sun (please excuse the flyaways - it was rather breezy when i was out, and I couldn't keep everything flat).

[Image: 0f03308103c8b868804dd974b52dfc4a.jpg]
Aaahhh, sunshine... she looks so bright and cheerful and ... sunny! grin
And wow, you have a doll furniture shop you can go to!!
I love her golden braids! Those blue eyes, too! (Is Ashli a LaLa?)

This time of year, any sunshine photo is a wonderful thing!
Yes, the Doll House shop is quite the institution here. Chris's dad used to make doll-houses as a hobby, and he would sell them through her shop, as well as buying supplies from her.

It was a lovely sunny day here, but "cold" for this time of year. This time last week, we went swimming during the day, and then went & hid-out in the aircon upstairs all afternoon (it was 40C, around 100F), but today it was about half that.

Ashli is an Arietta - her braids & crimped hair is wonderful. The only issue I've had is that her right arm falls out of it's socket if I'm not careful sad
She's so cute! I've always loved Arietta, but a lot of people don't seem to get her charm. She's one of the dolls I always wanted but never got for some reason.

And a dollhouse shop sounds wonderful. <3
your Ashli is beautiful and I love her overalls !

Yep today is wonderful weather, southerly wind (my saviour in summer) & in the early 20 degrees. I know that heat will be back but at least I can start counting down the # of expected "melty hot" days for this summer. I always count the days to the end of February. After that an over 40 stinker is very rare.
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