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Full Version: Hot Toys Jake Sully (new pix Aug. 13)
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So fortuitous that he got an accidental camp fire, too.
Yay! More starry photos!
The pictures are fantastic ^^
Thank you very much, everybody! grin

(08-25-2019, 12:40 PM)davidd Wrote: [ -> ]Did you use a flashlight for a quick "light painting" on the figure during a longer exposure to capture the stars?
Yep, same formula I used for Petra & Cherie on the porch. With the power on, the sky isn't as nice. There's some light pollution from the road, & grocery store parking lot 1km away. Also the moon was rising and I was in a race to get a few more photos before it washed out the Milky Way.
Just a bunch more pix of Jake with a butterfly smile
The ONLY good thing about the temperatures this time of year is that it's useful for photos of butterflies.  It's cold enough that the new hatchlings are kinda sluggish.  Once they were settled I could actually tote Jake around with them hanging onto him.  But one unex-pected challenge was that little butterfly claws have a tough time gripping plastic hands and arms! LOL
And I left the knife inside so as not to lose it -- enough to do, to take care of the butterfly on this shoot.

[Image: 48835494356_28d40ff2e3_z.jpg]

[Image: 48835122288_de7be1e0a5_z.jpg]

[Image: 48835667537_797d06705c_z.jpg]

[Image: 48835667207_db368b6ef3_z.jpg]

[Image: 48835666667_f658d624b7_z.jpg]
Another version of the movie-inspired shot.  They really had trouble on his arms & wanted to climb onto his head!

[Image: 48835667627_60c01a9e06_z.jpg]
He put her on the tree to await the morning sun when we were finished.

(Dang, I just realized it's getting a bit late to try those "other locations" I thought of... it will soon be deer season (eyeroll) & going in the woods is not so fun.)
Thanks for looking!
Jake's ex˙pression perfectly suits these photos! He looks genuinely intrigued by these mysterious winged creatures he has encountered.

The colors in your forest photos are marvelously saturated, and the foliage looks crisp and detailed... as do the butterflies!
Oh these are just amazing
Awesome batch! He totally looks like a falconer, just with butterflies!
Thanks guys yay
The mosquitoes are down to tolerable numbers (still not frozen?? how can THEY fly when it's too cold for the butterflies to fly?? augh)... but it's a very challenging place to shoot with the differences in lighting, light/dark patches, and the sun moving so fast that by the time I get things set up, the little bit of light is gone!
... wait, what...?  We haven't seen Jake in a YEAR????  I am continually horrified at how fast time goes.  And, a shoot with him in the wildflower patch was one of the last things I did before my laptop crashed, taking so many photos with it.  Those are still in the camera, I think.  I could re-do those.

In the meantime, I'd forgotten that we DO, technically, have a Neytiri in the house.
Just, kind of, not what he had in mind....

[Image: 50562288752_60d700364c_o.jpg]

[Image: 50562288707_fdb369ab22_o.jpg]

[Image: 50562288847_ac2eaa40cb_o.jpg]
She is kinda cute though.  I got her ages ago when I decided the cheap figures didn't look enough like the characters and the better ones were too ex$pensive.
The little string doll is adorable on overload.
The string Neyteri is so cute, but it’s not surprising Jake is a bit alarmed by her lack of height.
String Neyteri is so cute. Jake does seem a bit confused by her lack of height though.
It is like Jake has constructed a totem or sculpture of Neytiri to remember her by... or to summon her!

A year? That comes as a bit of a shock. What you say about the rapid passage of time is all too true.
Wow somehow I missed these, though I saw the cute one with lil Neytiri and Jake on FB. They all look awesome, the ones with the butterflies especially are great. You did amazing poses considering you said its tough to pose him. Wow!

I hope he gets a big Neytiri one day.
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