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Full Version: Elfy's Doll a Week 2020
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Happy New Year! Having successfully navigated a year of posting dolly photos a week, I have jumped on board again for 2020 to share the lives and worlds of the dolls that Lejays and I share.

This is not an official Doll a Week photo, but it serves as an entry point.

[Image: 0add7e9836e549614082b96db7797045.jpg]

After having a good New Year's Eve (maybe too good), Izzy welcomes you all to 2020!
She looks like she's had an excellent day/night welcoming in the new decade!
Swimming in champagne! That girl knows how to ring in a New Year!

Or else she has fallen in to a goldfish bowl, which would be somewhat less impressive, but considerably more amusing!

Happy New Year! And good luck with A Doll A Week!
Izzy looks great in her party dress. Good luck with 2020 challenge!
(01-03-2020, 06:51 PM)neon_jellyfish Wrote: [ -> ]Izzy looks great in her party dress. Good luck with 2020 challenge!

That’s the thing about Izzy, she looks great in everything. She’s like Liz Taylor, we could put her in a hessian sack dress and she’d make it look like high fashion.
She looks amazing in that party dress, that's true. Also looks like she was celebrating the New Year a bit too much? LOL. Good luck with the upcoming year's challenge!
What a pretty dress!
This is my first official picture for Doll a Week 2020.

[Image: 377c0eeb7652e3b968e55779916c41b0.jpg]

Tansy in the backyard practicing her tai chi. It's good for her soul.
She so pretty & almost ethereal looking there.

Quite the contrast to Izzy’s Party Girl image LOL
Very, very nice "Official First Picture" for Doll A Week 2020! That outfit is lovely, Tansy's hair is nicely styled, she looks contemplative and serene, and achieving that balanced pose is quite impressive!
She looks so peaceful! It makes me want to join her, even if I don't know tai chi.
Tansy really does look so much at peace there, it's hard to not want to join her.
Two lovely girls to start off the new year. Tansy might have a class to teach, because I also felt like I'd like to join her. The mood is so serene. smile Very nice photo. And your photos of Izzy make me think about putting her on my wish list.
Thank you all. I actually really like this shot myself, it was one of those happy accidents. Tansy is wearing her stock (we’ve never changed it actually) and that’s how her hair is. It does make her a bit top heavy and hard to pose, but knitting needles are remarkably useful objects.
Theo and Felicity relationship update this week.

[Image: 83e186a45da88f8fa3d977777c11fb11.jpg]

Theo has offered to give Felicity a ride on his Vespa, but she's a very safety conscious girl and couldn't possibly accept such an offer without first wearing a helmet.
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