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Pre-owned Principessa? - MewPopotan - 02-16-2009

How much would a pre-owned Principessa cost?
I know that a new one is like $500 on ebay, but does anyone know anything about if she were pre-owned?


xx Kya

- obviouszebra - 02-16-2009

She's pretty rare, and quite sought after, I have seen a pre owned princi go for $300, she was without her box, with messed up hair, but had full stock and stand.

At the time, I thought that was pretty cheap! :3

Hope this helps!

- MewPopotan - 02-16-2009

Yes, it does! Thanks! :]

- Maaikeh - 02-17-2009

Recently a MIB Princi sold for $265 on eBay
She's on eBay for $500 or more but those don't seem to be selling. So my guess is that $250+ is a fair price, if she's still mint and comes with her stock outfit. A nude bald one recently sold for $150

- MewPopotan - 02-17-2009

Thanks, that helped too! =]

(*squee* I know you! You make the best picfics ever! I'm reading MIB now and I love it...)

- alldolledup - 03-28-2009

You can get her used with clothes for around 250.00

- alldolledup - 03-28-2009

I paid 500.00 new mint in box

Principessa's full stock - alldolledup - 04-06-2009

Hi I have her full stock even wig I have listed it here but I am going to list on ebay what is a fair price? I paid a small fortune for her but I dewigged her and took her clothes off the day I got her.

- Yukittie - 04-07-2009

200 Dollar smile

- purple plum - 04-07-2009

I think she meant just the stock. :p

- burntbao - 04-07-2009

currently there's one on ebay for $59 + 4.95 ship so i guess we'll see if it will sell or not at that price.


- Yukittie - 04-07-2009

Oh oops I'm sorry I thought you ment the whole doll with stock hihi, sorry

- Maaikeh - 04-09-2009

$60 seems too high for her stock. I'd say $50 maximum, depending on the quality and if everything is included.

RE: Pre-owned Principessa? - Nizsm - 09-02-2009

I paid $250 used with partial stock (missing shoes and umbrella)

RE: Pre-owned Principessa? - sinderellah - 09-11-2009

I don't think Principessa came with an umbrella.