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RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - N0xx7 - 08-05-2010

+1!!! the second Leekeworld go was fabulous, thank you!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - miss all sunday - 08-13-2010

+1, joined a nDoll group order she hosted. Kept us informed of the order status. After the order arrived, she shipped promptly, thanks!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - Jackie_Greywolf - 08-14-2010

I so, so sorry! I forgot to let you feedback earlier! ;_;

+1 as a seller! Thank you very much for the excellent deal! yay

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - mobscenes - 08-14-2010

+1 as a buyer. I had a Grell for sale and Mary Beth paid before she said she would smile Lovely lovely transaction, thank you so much!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - smilingxcat - 08-17-2010

+ 2 for being a fabulous GO organizer for both the nDoll and Leeke orders, as always. :3

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - McKenna - 08-19-2010

+2 for organizing both the Dollmore GO and another nDoll GO. Great communication throughout, and was nice enough to ship both of my GO items together. Pleasure to deal with you again and thanks so much for doing both GO's.

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - anniemilktea - 08-19-2010

+1 for Dollmore GO!
She always updated us on the package, sent it out quickly when it arrived and even gave some goodies (; thank you so much, I always love participating in your GOs!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - PrincessTomato - 08-19-2010

+1 for running the Dollmore Group Order.

She kept me well informed, shipped quickly, and was very helpful and friendly!
Sign me up for another GO with Twinkle_Eyed!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - Marmalade - 08-21-2010

+1 purchased a dolly from me. Super fast payment, super nice person to deal with! grin

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - TrueFan - 08-21-2010

1+ as a seller - I purchased a wig. Thanks!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - Kanamai - 08-26-2010

+1 for the nDoll GO! I got my wig quickly after the wigs arrived at her house.

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - mobscenes - 08-26-2010

+1 for the nDoll go. Got my wigs today with a bunch of little cute things as well! thanks so much Mary Beth!!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - miss all sunday - 08-26-2010

Joined a nDoll group order. Kept us informed of order status and shipped promptly after the items arrived. Also threw in freebies, thanks!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - KiraKira - 08-29-2010

+2 as a wonderful GO organizer.

I love participating in any of the GOs that twinkle_eyed hosts (funds permitting).

She is extremely organized and always keeps the GO participants updated regarding deadlines, order status and shipments--she's a total pro at hosting group orders. I really like how she offers options regarding shipping--for example, I was able to have her hold my wig from the Dollmore GO until the nDoll ones came in and then get a better price for shipping.

twinkle_eyed is totally awesome in every way. yay Thanks so much!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - kelsey - 09-01-2010

+2 as the best GO organizer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She sent lots of updates on the order, she's as friendly as can be, and she always makes sure to do everything in a very timely manner. Fast shipping, fast communication, fast everything.

Thank you for organizing the GO, my girls love their new wigs! smile