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RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - McKenna - 01-13-2011

+2 for the nDoll GO and Lut's GO. Excellent GO organizer- everything went smoothly. Thanks so much for doing those.

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - bp_serene - 01-13-2011

+1 as a GO organiser

-I participated in the Luts GO organised by twinkle-eyes and everything was awesome. Looking forward to more in the future, thanks twinkle_eyed!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - PrincessTomato - 01-13-2011

+1 as a group order coordinator!
Received my bit of the order very quickly. And with a note and some cute extras! Thanks! yay

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - sunflower0717 - 01-16-2011

+1 for being a super GO organizer. smile

She kept us in the loop on the order and even sent a sweet note and some cute extras with my wigs! grin

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - nomore_noless - 01-17-2011

+1 for organizing the Leeke 4th GO
Awesome, as always, with fast shipping, and sends cute extras. Thanks again!! ^^

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - Aquadoe - 01-18-2011

+1 for running the 4th Leeke GO
I've been in a few group orders run by Mary Beth and they are always well organize. She's very prompt, provides excellent communication, and smooth transactions.
Thank you so much again for running another fantastic GO! yay

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - MechanicalQueen - 01-18-2011

+1 for a great group orderer!! she's awesome, got the wigs in a timely manner, packaged well, and cute extra goodies inside. twinkle eyed is awesom!!! grin

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - kaoskat - 01-19-2011

I bought a wig from twinkle_eyed. Communication was fast and friendly and shipment was quick! A pleasure to do business with!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - papermoonpixie - 01-19-2011

+2 For Fiori's wig and Leeke GO

and thanks for the extras <3

≧ε ≦T*~*H*~*A*~*N*~*K*~ ~*Y*~*O*~*U*~≧ε ≦

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - smilingxcat - 01-23-2011

+1 for being a fabulous GO leader! (:
Thank you so much!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - GreyBird1881 - 01-23-2011

+1 bought a really cute monique wig from her, it was shipped fast and was in perfect condition! thank you!!!!

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - Chihiro - 01-26-2011

+1 as a seller!

I purchased the *perfect* wig for my Cinnamoroll Dal! It arrived quickly, in mint condition and even got a little hair clip as a freebie smile
Thank you! <3

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - nenstra - 01-27-2011

+1 for the Leeke GO! Cheap, fast shipping and she sent some extras. Thanks!! grin

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - Joni - 01-28-2011

+1 as an excellent seller. I bought a wig from twinkle_eyed and the transaction was absolutely perfect from the friendly communication and super fast shipping. Thank you! grin

RE: Twinkle_eyed's Feedback - Zoegirl - 02-02-2011

+1 Super buyer! Twinkle_eyed bought Dal Lizbel from me, paid right away, and was a pleasure to chat with. Thanks so much! smile