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LittleSu's Feedback - LittleSu - 07-17-2009

Nothing much here...

Positive - 17
Neutral - 0
Negative - 0

I have 100% positive feedback on the Arena.

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - missmollymayhem - 08-04-2009

+1 as a great buyer, very quick payment!

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - holyponiesbatman - 08-05-2009

+1 as a buyer! Paid quickly, super friendly, and so easy to work with. Thank you! Heart

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - ambitiouslove - 09-06-2009

+1 Buyer

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - myookat - 10-21-2009

+1 Buyer
Very reasonable, a pleasure to deal with.
Thanks so much, and hope you love her!

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - McKenna - 12-30-2009

+1 for participating in the second Cool Cat Eye Chip GO. Thanks so much for joining.

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - Duskkodesh - 08-13-2010

+1 Bought a Dal from her and she arrived safe and sound! Thank you so much, I love her! smile

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - myufish - 08-29-2010

+1 trade partner :3 , got the littleffe wig fast and Nima loves it!
Thank you so much <3

[Image: nima1.jpg]

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - tiglem - 09-02-2010

+1 for being an awesome buyer!!

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - Puzzle - 09-29-2010

+1 For being an absolute sweethear of a seller. Not only did LittleSu send me a wonderful project head, she described all of its flaws down to the tiniest of details. She was absolutely love to deal with and my new girl arrived in under 8 days, from the US. Everything was packed beautifully, and I just want to say and huge thanks for the two extras she added. That was above and beyond what she needed to do and was a very, very sweet gesture.

Thank you!

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - Mika187 - 11-10-2010

+1 - Buyer: Bought some Dal items from me! Had great communication and paid very quickly. Thanks!

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - Staria - 11-13-2010

+1 Buyer. Really great communication, extremely fast payment, overly pleasant customer. smile Bought my Type 4 Pullip body.

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - Lila_Meily - 11-18-2010

+1 as a buyer: she bought from me Dal Maretti's partial Stock

Fast payment and a really nice person ^^

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - nomore_noless - 11-27-2010

+1 as a seller
A wonderful transaction! I needed a type 3 body and she offered me exactly what I needed for a very reasonable price; communication was fantastic; it was shipped very quickly; and the body is in great condition and came packaged very carefully.
Thanks again for the great transaction!! ^^

RE: LittleSu's Feedback - Lolibear - 12-03-2010

+1 for being such an awesome seller. Communicative, fast shipping, and included some tiny little extras that made opening my purchase a pleasure. I'd definitely recommend buying from her.