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Taeyang Sebastian price check - Harker - 09-23-2009

Hi !

I wondered about the price of a NRFB or quite new, full stock and in very good conditions Sebastian ^^ help ?

Thanks !

RE: Taeyang Sebastian price check - obviouszebra - 09-23-2009

I've never seen Sebastian for less than $115 NRFB

So full stock and very good condition if you could find one $100?

RE: Taeyang Sebastian price check - Harker - 09-24-2009

Ok thanks ! ^^ I'll try to search for it ! ^^

Customized Sebastian - Sheepie - 01-25-2010

Hi hi~

I'm curious around what price a Sebastian with new eyes, new wig, and an Obitsu body may sell for. Also with facial and ear piercings, full clothes stock, box, card, and stand included.


RE: Customized Sebastian - MissMandyLynne - 01-25-2010

your selling Sebastian? - but why? sad

RE: Customized Sebastian - Sheepie - 01-26-2010

I'm debating it, I've fallen out of love with the boy and need money for college books. Whacked

I agree with the other Sebby price check that he could go $100 in good condition full stock, but I don't have his original body(except for the hands and feet) his wig or his eyes anymore. That, and the added piercings makes me unsure as well what he's go for. Sweatdrop

RE: Customized Sebastian - Leannarchy - 01-26-2010

do you have pictures?

RE: Customized Sebastian - Sheepie - 01-26-2010

Yeah, just took some photos of his face. If I do decide to sell him, I'll definitely take photos of all his stock and other items I'm including.


Also, I moved his eyes up and down in the left and right photos, respectively. Just to show that the mod I did on his eyemech does in fact work. He can also close his eyes fine.

Photos of him from the Ningyou magazine photoshoot:

RE: Customized Sebastian - MissMandyLynne - 01-26-2010

i have always loved Zenith - all the piercings youve given him just make him stand out so much more - if i had the money i would totally buy him

RE: Customized Sebastian - Yukittie - 01-26-2010

Wow how did you mod his eyemechanism, that's so awesome!

RE: Customized Sebastian - Sheepie - 01-27-2010

Please pardon if I come across rude, but.. Sweatdrop

I do need a price check on him. I appreciate the compliments and would love to post a thread in the customizing section about his eyemod, but right now I'd be very thankful if someone could give me ideas on how much he could sell for.

If his stock, box, stand, and card could go for about $45, his head about $55, adding obitsu for $12, piercings for $5, eyemech mod for $10...Would I be able to get $122 for him, or is that too high/low? Please help me out~ Heart 2

RE: Customized Sebastian - Leannarchy - 01-27-2010

I think $120 sounds perfect.

RE: Customized Sebastian - MissMandyLynne - 01-27-2010

i agree with Leann - with everything youve done you shuld get at least that

RE: Customized Sebastian - Yukittie - 01-27-2010

Oops I'm very sorry about going offtopic, you're absolutely right!
Yes 120 Dollar sounds perfect!

RE: Sebastian - mobscenes - 07-23-2010

How much for just Sebastians stock (wig/card NOT included) these days?