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RE: KiraKira's Feedback - MissMandyLynne - 09-03-2011

+1 for a great GO partisapant

was a pleasure to deal with - handled everything good when CoolCat had a mix-up yay

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Hina Ichigo - 09-07-2011

+1 as a seller, item shipped very quickly and packed well. An absolute delight to deal with would not hesitate to do business with again. Thanks again for such a pleasant transaction <3

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Teslithia - 09-07-2011

+1 as a split partner.
Split Isul Mao. Paid perfectly ahead of time & let me know once it got there. Wonderful split partner. Wonderful person. Thanks Shann! grin

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Lila_Meily - 10-01-2011

+1 as a seller,
She sold me a Chosokabe Taeyang, that came in amazing conditions.

Thanks for all the amazing details, i recommend her as an amazing and outstanding seller ^^

Lila ^^

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Evelien - 10-03-2011

+1 as a seller!

I bought a Little Pullip from KiraKira and she was very friendly and punctual. I received the doll fast and very well packed. Thank you for a smooth transaction! Would definitely buy from you again.

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Little_Spark - 10-11-2011

+1 as a seller!!!

Kira sold me 3 pairs of glass eyes and I have never gotten something this well packed! Each pair was wrapped in a little bag and bubble wrap, a hard plastic capsule and even more bubble wrap. And they got here pretty fast, too!

Thanks for the great transaction, Kira!!!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - GreyBird1881 - 10-18-2011

+1 wonderful buyer, bought 2 dresses from me, paid fast and was super friendly as usual!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - twinkle_eyed - 11-07-2011

+1 for participating in the Luts GO! Always super to work with!! Thank you!!! smile

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - redstars - 11-08-2011

I bought two T3 bodies from KiraKira. They were packaged very very well, arrived quickly and she even sent a little extra! Super nice to deal with. Thank you so much!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Miss Edith - 11-18-2011

KiraKira helped me an enormous amount by ordering a wig - along with her own order - from a company whose shipping to me made it too expensive for me to order direct. She then packed the wig off to me so very quickly & complete with lollies grin. It was such a kind thing to do, typical of the lady smile Thankyou again, hun !

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Summer Skye - 12-18-2011

+1 seller
Kira sold me some lovely eyechips. She went above and beyond fighting the xmas crowds to mail out right away and even adding extra goodies. Thanks a bunch, the chips are super cool!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Hina Ichigo - 12-22-2011

+1 as an absolutely amazing seller yet again. Always a pleasure thanks so much <3

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - thnjordan - 01-12-2012

+1 as a seller. Great communication and shipped very quickly. Thanks again!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - SwordPony - 01-16-2012

+1 as a seller!!

Sold me some dolly clothes. She shipped super fast and was great to deal with!!! Thanks so much!!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Lilcurly - 01-23-2012

+1 as a seller

I put up a request asking for someone to get some Liv doll clothes for me, KiraKira offered, & went out & got me an outfit. I also bought another item from her. She packed everything up beautifully, & added in several extra's & some choccies smile lovely, thank you so much.