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I am over the age of 30 and I use my own paypal account & credit card.
Please leave any feedback for me here. Thanks so much!

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248 positive
0 neutral
0 negative

In addition, I have 100% positive feedback (287 transactions) on ebay as babybug74, 100% positive tokens (51 transactions) on MakeUpAlley as babybug74 & 2 positive ratings on ShopADollic. I also do a fair amount of shopping on etsy, amazon, and many other online stores.
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KiraKira bought a Raphia stock from me, payment was prompt and communication excellent! Lovely buyer smile

KiraKira sold Jade's scarf to me and it arrived quickly and as-decribed. Great communication and the scarf was excellently packaged. Thank you!
+1 as a seller!
I bought Chill's bear rug from her and she shipped fast and it arrived in perfect condition! Thanks! <3
+2 positive! love the cactus pup + fast payment for the 2 stock outfits. thanks so much!
+1 for buying Cornice's stock. Paid immediately, thank you much!
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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Buyer purchased a custom doll from me. She is a hassle free buyer, I had a good transaction with her +1
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Very nice transaction and very patient buyer ^__^ +1
I'm glad items arrived safely.
We're Polish. We don't drink THAT much. We drink more.
+1 for the buyer, quick payment (can't wait for photos!)
+1 as a buyer! Very quick payment & patient with me!
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She bought MJ's stock clothes and a black Leeke wig from me and we had a great transaction. Thanks so much, dear!
+1 as a buyer! Super quick payment and patience! Would love to deal with her again!
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+1 buyer, great to deal with, thanks so much! <3
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+1 as a seller! grin
Everything ok, item as described, and very fast!!! oh! and a very reasonable prize!! thank youuu! ^^
positive trade, received the items and love them. thanks so much!!

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