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RE: KiraKira's Feedback - elderham - 01-26-2012

+1 as a seller

Wonderful seller, very friendly! And my items were shipped quickly, too! Thanks! Happy

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - lilbrokenragdoll - 01-26-2012

+2 as a wonderful seller!!! Heart 2

Never let it be said that there is a better seller than KiraKira on DM, because that would be simply impossible. Her items are always exactly as described, her prices are fair, she ships really quickly, communication is a blast, and I always find a little something extra in my package!

This time I purchased two wigs, and they arrived promptly in perfect condition. I couldn't be happier!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Summer Skye - 01-28-2012

+1 as a seller

Another great eyechip sale! Would happily buy from again smile

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - KiraKira - 01-29-2012

(NOTE TO SELF: 199 feedback ratings received here...)

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - TrueFan - 01-29-2012

1+ as a great buyer! Thanks!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - tokidoki - 02-02-2012


Helped me save a buttload of money in an Entertainment Earth GO! Very communicative, gave me a lot of updates on our order progress and packed Rin perfectly. I really couldn't have asked for a better person to go in on this order with. Thank you so much!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - vv21121 - 02-10-2012

+2 as Seller

Items as described and fast shipping. (Post office here was at fault, they misplaced the first package. Luckily, they found it.)

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - dragonlady - 02-14-2012

+seller! I bought some wigs and a shirt from her and I got them in great condition and in record time, thank you sweetie!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - sceimhiuil - 02-29-2012

+1 as a buyer.

KiraKira bought a bunch of clothes from the lot I snagged! smile Communication was perfect, payment was immediate. Thank you SO much, and I hope you enjoy the clothing!!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Gloomymort - 03-14-2012

+1 As a trader!

KiraKira is absolutly wonderfull to trade with, very polite and freindly, fast shipping, Extras included (yummy chocolate yay and a cute Photo/note) and understding (my part was a peice of art which obviously took a little while for compleation)
Would definatly trade with her again without hesitation yay

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - booksanddolls - 03-16-2012

+1. Bought a wig & clothing. Awesome seller who shipped quickly.

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Kayakitsu - 03-21-2012

+1 for a nice buyer. Fast payment and good communication.
Thank you^^

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Mag - 03-30-2012

+1 buyer, thanks!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Miruku Bunny - 04-03-2012

+1 as a seller

Fast shipping, AHH-mazing custom eye chips they look absolutely gorgeous. <33
And I got a cute little extra something ;D
(Plus something yummy x)

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - MissMandyLynne - 04-04-2012

+1 for a great sale

as always Kira was a pleasure to work with - thanks again ^^