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RE: KiraKira's Feedback - ladywindsor - 09-09-2012

+1 as a seller.

Bought a lot of clothing from KiraKira which she shipped promptly.
Great communication! Thanks so much!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Chihiro - 09-11-2012

+1 as a seller.

Once again I've had a perfect transaction with KiraKira! Great communication, so polite and the wig arrived quickly and in perfect condition~ Thank you <3

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - MissMandyLynne - 09-11-2012

+1 for a great sale!

bought a few Volks bodies from her and they are awesome - need to figure out how to fix the pegs (which i knew about) but other then that they are perfect - fast shipping and was packaged so great as always ^^

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - sakana_hime - 09-14-2012


Positive for another great transaction with KiraKira! Great communication, items just as described, and they were well-packaged. Thank you again! grin

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - Cornflower Blue - 09-15-2012

+1 for Kujo Isul

Always a pleasure to do business with! Everything as described, great communication, and safely packaged. Thanks, again!

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - *NatTheCat* - 09-17-2012

+1 as a seller! Happy (I'm really sorry for the late feedback! Sweatdrop)
I bought one more pair of eyechips, and they are beautiful and everything was great! Thank you so much! yay

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - PG123MOM - 09-17-2012


Another great transaction! Beautiful eyes and wig..Thanks a bunchsmile

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - ***L-Lo*** - 09-20-2012

And another positive for KiraKira as a seller!

She is SO kind, she's got great communication skills and she's a really nice person.

On top of that she sent me the Isul Tete very well-packaged, he made Hawaii-France really safely ♥ I asked to buy a pair of brown KiraKira chips, she told me she was throwing the pair for free in the package. But that's not what she did. She gave me THREE pairs of beautiful KiraKira chips Oh My

And on top of that, my boy was supposed to be naked, but she put some kick ass clothing on him ♥

Smooth and amazing transaction, thanks! yay

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - phantomwings86 - 09-21-2012

+1 as an awesome seller!!

Always a pleasure buying from Kirakira!! Everything always arrives fast and in perfect condition smile

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - ByronicHeroine - 09-26-2012

+1 as sender!

I love buying from KiraKira. She always sends quickly, packages everything safely, and is a joy to deal with.

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - xXCosmicBurstXx - 10-08-2012

+1 seller

I bought some custom eyechips and a dress for my dal from KiraKira. She responded to pm's quickly, and sent me pictures of my eyechips before sending them. Her custom eyechips are so pretty! I would definitely order from KiraKira again. <3

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - bambi latte - 11-20-2012

+1 for seller.

I bought 5 pairs of eye chips from Shannon, and I am overly pleased!
She shipped super fast, I got them very quickly, and they are just what was pictured! ^__^
Will definitely buy from again<3

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - dms_a_jem - 11-27-2012

+1 as a seller!
As always great communication and super-quick shipping. Another fantastic transaction, thanks! Happy

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - nomore_noless - 11-30-2012

+1 for a sale and trade
She let me exchange some of her gorgeous eyechips for other colors and I also bought a pair. It's always great dealing with her, as far as communication, prices, shipping, and her patience with me. Thank you for another perfect transaction!! grin

RE: KiraKira's Feedback - dms_a_jem - 12-12-2012

+1 as a buyer!

As always, another flawlessly perfect transaction with quick payment and great communication. Thanks again and enjoy! Heart