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Fun in the sun! - Nannahs - 07-12-2011

Hello everyone. So yesterday I went to the Harkness Park beach and I brought two of my girls; Clarice and Lizbel. I dressed them in their cute little swimsuits and brought along a cooler. :p Enjoy!

First the girls laid out their towel and got some drinks.
[Image: dolliesbeach3.jpg]

Just chillin' on the beach.
[Image: dolliesbeach1.jpg]

After a little while, Clarice thought she'd try sun tanning for the first time. smile
Lizbel got bored, and fell asleep shortly after. LOL
[Image: dolliesbeach2.jpg]

And that was a day at the beach! Hope you liked it!

RE: Fun in the sun! - Little_Spark - 07-12-2011

What a sunny beach day, they look really relaxed LOL

RE: Fun in the sun! - il-3 - 07-13-2011

jaja so happy grin

RE: Fun in the sun! - Lilcurly - 07-13-2011

lol, cute!

RE: Fun in the sun! - Black Sugar - 07-14-2011

Very cute !!

RE: Fun in the sun! - Nannahs - 07-14-2011

Thanks everyone. smile

RE: Fun in the sun! - Cajsa - 07-15-2011

Lucky dolls smile It looks really nice.