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My rainbow girl! <3 - MintyFresh - 03-23-2012

I've been on the search for the perfect wig for my Cisley ever since I got her. In my original post she sported a wig I had made for her and while I liked the wig, it still wasn't the PERFECT option in my mind. HOWEVER! I got a package in the mail today and I think I finally found the ideal wig for her! I couldn't be happier with how she looks in it! yay xd

[Image: 20th5oo.jpg]
[Image: 34h6plk.jpg]

My cute rainbow girl! She definitely needs a non-stock name now. These are the ones I'm considering:

Niji (pronounced nee-jee) means rainbow in Japanese
Mujigae (pronounced moo-jee-gae) means rainbow in Korean

I absolutely love Japanese culture and their language, but since Groove is Korean and I'M Korean, I'm leaning towards Mujigae (Muji for short). What do you all think? Other suggestions are welcome too! wink

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - ByronicHeroine - 03-23-2012

I have been dying to see how that wig looks on a Pullip, and I think she looks fantastic. I think I like Muji. Korean doesn't get enough love.

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Nytherial - 03-24-2012

It looks lovely on her! ^^
And her eye chips are so intense and unique, she's a gorgeous doll.
I like Muji, too.

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Yuuki - 03-24-2012

Omg what a pretty wig, i love it on her!

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Cornflower Blue - 03-24-2012

It's the perfect wig for her!

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Ace - 03-24-2012

I have the wig for my My Melody and I love it! It looks soo cute on your girl!

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Duskkodesh - 03-24-2012

Is it weird that that wig made me think of Superman ice cream and made me super hungry for some? grin

It's so cute too!

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - KiraKira - 03-24-2012

That is an awesome wig! She is so cute and her heart eyes are so unique! I think that Mujigae or Muji for short would be a fitting name.

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - kitten-squid - 03-24-2012

She's soooo cool! I love her wig and eyes! Either name is cool, but she looks like a Muji to me! smile

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Miss Edith - 03-24-2012

(03-24-2012, 08:27 AM)Ace Wrote: I have the wig for my My Melody and I love it! It looks soo cute on your girl!

me too !!
and your girl is gorgeous, I love her eyes smile And 1 more vote for Muji

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - MintyFresh - 03-24-2012

Thanks so much, everyone! I didn't realize the wig was so popular! I bought it as a "unknown brand", so if anyone actually knows the brand I would really appreciate it yay! I'm such a sucker for rainbows, heehee Heart 2. Her chips are actually rainbow as well, but only really show up as such in direct sunlight. Her pupils are just foil hearts that I cut and applied to the back before going over with black acrylic paint smile

Also, thanks for the feedback on naming her! Mujigae (Muji) was the one I was leaning towards as well! grin

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - sceimhiuil - 03-24-2012

Definitely Muji! She is so cute! I love how her eyechips are silvery, they really pick up the colors in her new wig!

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Ukeru - 03-24-2012

I really like Muji!

I adore that wig, too. I don't know who made it though, I'm sorry. D:

But she looks great in it!

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - MintyFresh - 03-26-2012

Thanks! Yeah, I've been doing some research and trying to find who makes it, but so far no luck. Oh well... it's no big deal smile

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Yuuki - 03-27-2012

I think it is this wig?
Brand name is Happy CamillE, online webshop but also on ebay.
I saw it once looking for a msd girl wig, i notice how lovely the colors are <3