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Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - Missy_Crane - 09-22-2013


So recently I found an Eos at an amazing price and couldn't actually believe my luck when I won her! She was also in my country, so she came the very next day via special delivery - no waiting or customs fees!! LOL

She's even more beautiful in person and I've named her Angelica, I love her to bits already!!! Amazingly her wig smells delicious; not sure how because some of my others have stinky scalp syndrome LOL but Angelica smells yummy enough to eat, so you can often find me creepily sniffing her hair Sweatdrop

Prepare for photo spam!! xD

[Image: 2r2nh3p.jpg]

[Image: 2rpzdpl.jpg]

[Image: 29lk089.jpg]

[Image: 1z5i72x.jpg]

And finally with her sister, Zora. I think they seem happy to be reunited!

[Image: 119m9oz.jpg]

Better pics to come when I'm less excited Sweatdrop gotta put on her wings and pose her in front of a wind machine or something! Heart

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - pixachii - 09-22-2013

Aaaah congratulations! Eos is one of my very favorite Pullips. Her faceup is so elegant and versatile, and I adore her steampunk stock outfit! I'm so excited for you! LOL

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - ichigo3lemon - 09-22-2013

Congrats! She is very pretty!

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - martah - 09-22-2013

Congrats on getting your grail, she is a gorgeous girl. smile

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - KiraKira - 09-22-2013

Congratulations--I love that photo of the two steampunk pullips together.

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - vadafade - 09-22-2013

Congrats -- Eos is one of the prettiest Pullips ever made!

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - lyricsoul - 09-22-2013

Congrats! Eos is so pretty. I wish I could afford her and I had a character for her to be. (New rule for me so my collection doesn't get too crazy.) She and her sister look adorable together.

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - LeChikapaw - 09-22-2013

Oh!! Grate congrats on getting a grial doll!
Those girls look fantastic together grin

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - Lilcurly - 09-22-2013

Ahhh, she's beautiful smile I can see the appeal of Eos, she's really pretty <3

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - Buzzingbumblebee - 09-22-2013

She is a beauty <3. She was my first Pullip. She really does have the best smelling hair of all my dollies, so I know what you mean. I could spend a lot of time sniffing her hair or ponies.

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - Cornflower Blue - 09-23-2013

Congrats! Eos is an awesome Pullip!

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - Morning Marie - 09-23-2013

Seeing these pictures of Eos makes me really want to start the Steampunk series after I'm done the Romantic Wonderland series.
Eos' hair looks like R. Alices yay Cute!

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - beajjai033 - 09-23-2013

Congrats! EOS is one of my favorite Pullips - she has a lovely stock, I really like steampunk.
The last photo is so cute, they look great together.

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - Missy_Crane - 09-24-2013

Thanks everyone! grin It's such a special warm feeling when you get your grail and she's even lovelier than you hoped smile I really adore her!!

It's now taking all my strength not to buy Gyro and Apollo and have a little Steampunk family LOL

RE: Deboxing my Grail - Eos!! - whimsu - 09-24-2013

Congratulations! smile
She's really pretty,and that's funny about her hair!
Your girls look very cute together. > 3 <