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RE: Deboxing Violette!! (VERY img heavy xD) - Pullip_Nina - 12-22-2013

I love Hortense and Violette congrats

RE: Deboxing Violette!! (VERY img heavy xD) - Mondaygirl - 12-23-2013

She's gorgeous, congratulations! Her eyes are just stunning. What a pity about the staining. Thanks for warning us about it!

RE: Deboxing Violette!! (VERY img heavy xD) - Missy_Crane - 12-23-2013

Thank you Monday! I think her eyes are the cutest thing about her ^-^

And you're very welcome, it helps to be informed about which dolls are prone to this kind of thing. The staining of her shirt is a pain, but at least it's not visible when she's in full stock. Tbh I'm just SO relieved that nothing from her headdress leaked onto her face-up, as both my Nosferatu and Prupate suffered this fate on their chins o.O (need to invest in some magic eraser...)