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Tulip - Little mouse - 07-27-2014

Tulip is my one and only Pullip (BRH)

[Image: Tulip-fop-DM-1_zps79de6207.jpg]

She is wearing a new dress made and given to me by a friend.
I think Tulip is beautiful!

RE: Tulip - Cornflower Blue - 07-27-2014

Tulip is lovely! Cute dress, too.

RE: Tulip - ichigo3lemon - 07-27-2014

She is very beautiful smile

RE: Tulip - AliceMR - 07-27-2014

I 'love' her hair clips LOL she looks like such a cute and sweet girl, lovely photo!

RE: Tulip - Alliecat - 07-27-2014

She is cute. And good job getting a decent exposure in the sun -- can be hard sometimes.

RE: Tulip - Little mouse - 07-27-2014

Cornflower Blue, ichigo3lemon, AliceMR and Alliecat thank you all so are all so kind!

And you are right Alliecat I was struggling with the sunlight.......I am not used to seeing this much! LOL!

RE: Tulip - liquiriziadolly - 07-27-2014

Cograts!! Tulip is adorable, love her dark brown eyes!

RE: Tulip - Severity - 07-27-2014

Oh, she is beautiful!

RE: Tulip - Little mouse - 07-27-2014

Thank you so much liquiriziadolly and Severity I loved BRH from the first time I saw her......I am just so pleased to have my own now.

RE: Tulip - Miss Edith - 07-27-2014

BRH is one of the prettiest pullips IMO and your Tulip is certainly a sweetheart smile

RE: Tulip - Little mouse - 07-27-2014

Well Miss Edith I am certainly biased enough to agree with that view about BRH *grin* and thank you about Tulip too

RE: Tulip - Audacia - 07-27-2014

She is adorable. I love everything about her! grin

RE: Tulip - Missy_Crane - 07-27-2014

What a beautiful picture! Tulip looks adorable in those hairclips Heart 2

RE: Tulip - Lilcurly - 07-27-2014

She is beautiful, love her dress <3

RE: Tulip - Little mouse - 07-27-2014

Audacia, Missy_Crane and Lilcurly thank you all so much. I smile every time I see her with those hair clips! And I love that dress my friend made for her!