Hi! i've had my chicca up for sale for a while now, and haven't had any bites, so I'm wondering if maybd I'm pricig her too high

she is nude with her stock body (nails and all) her stock wig enver remvoed and her face up stock. her hair bands have been removed and her hair brushed but it isn't ratty or anything

how much do you think she would be worth? also what would equal trades be for her do you think?
I'm also wondering what a fair price I should offer for an NRFB or MIB Chicca smile
Any ideas on pricing for this girl? I have one NRFB as well as one Nude and bald, but completely stock face and body. Help!
I ended up selling mine for about 100, but that was over a year ago
What's the going rate for a Chicca, painted lips, some small marks on face, melting and floppy type 2 body, and no scalp?
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^ Not very much right now, I'm afraid. For whatever reason, her price has been slowly declining on eBay over the past several months. A NRFB dent box Chicca sold just a few days ago for $36 + $30 shipping. Based on recent historical eBay sales, an out-of-box Chicca in good condition with partial stock looks like she's currently going for $40-50 + nominal shipping fee (~$10).

Of course, the price you can get for her depends on how many Chiccas are available and how desperate buyers are to get her. At this very moment, there are zero out-of-box Chiccas available on eBay, and the cheapest NRFB one is $180; so you *might* be able to get $80-100 for your girl, assuming there's a buyer willing to pay that. But a more realistic price, given the condition you've stated, is probably $40-50, especially if you're planning on listing her privately (like on DM, LJ, etc.). I hope that helps!

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