Its sunny- so here are some Pinky Pics!!!
For once, its sunny here in Ohio! So my little Pinky friends and I went outside in the gardens for some pictures! Enjoy!!

[Image: pinkystandanime015.jpg]
Range Murata girls

[Image: pinkystandanime018.jpg]
Tenjou Tenge Girls

[Image: pinkystandanime017.jpg]
Eva girls (my first Pinkies!)

[Image: pinkystandanime016.jpg]

[Image: pinkystandanime011.jpg]
King of Fighters girls

[Image: pinkystandanime010.jpg]
Suddenly, Chun Li

[Image: pinkystandanime008.jpg]
"Its a flower!"

[Image: pinkystandanime007.jpg]
Wild arms girls

[Image: pinkystandanime035.jpg]
"Chii?" "Huh?"

[Image: pinkystandanime029.jpg]
"Kyo, come back!"

[Image: pinkystandanime027.jpg]
"Want some ice cream?" "Yes!!!"

and of course, several pics of my fave Pinky: Tohuru Honda from Fruits Baskets!
[Image: pinkystandanime003.jpg]
[Image: pinkystandanime004.jpg]
[Image: pinkystandanime002.jpg]
[Image: pinkystandanime006.jpg]
What a cute bunch of pinks! I especially love your Tohuru, she's my favorite as well! smile
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Tohuru Honda is wonderful! I never knew a pinky of her existed!
You have a brilliant collection!
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Thanks guys grin

Tohru is so cute- she also has a little onigiri that can sit on her head, who is currently being held by another Pinkie lol :3
cute collection yay
what a cute group of lovelies!!! They are the first ones Ive seen and are so great!

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