Stock prices
Can someone check these out and see if these are good and email me at (I have had trouble receiving notifications of dolly market PMs and never even know they are there)

Pullip stock:
Xiao Fan (Full stock no card) 40USD
Kirsche (Full stock no card) 50USD
Alte (Full stock no card) 30USD
Veritas (Hat Bloomers and dress) 40 USD
Barasuishou (Neck piece, eye patch, top, bottom, and bloomers) 30USD

Dal Stock:
Tweety (Full stock no card) 40USD
Tezca (Full stock no card) 32USD

Byul stock:
Maya (Full stock no card) 30 USD

Taeyang Namu Stock:

Kung fun (full stock no card) 35USD

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