Clara, Clarity
I just wanted to check the prices on these ladies! I don't mind prices in USD or GBP, either is fine smile

I am a bit clueless when it comes to prices for sold out or special edition dolls so please let me know if I'm in the right area.

Clarity (Accepting offers starting at £50 - she is out of stock on PS)

On obitsu - some light dye staining to obitsu.
Head/face in immaculate condition. Earrings intact.
Eyemech in full working order.
Wig removed - Original wig has been let down from it's 'pinned' style. It is in fair condition.
No stand (it broke!)
Box and card available.
Stock outfit is complete - hat has some glue staining on the underside but can't be seen whilst wearing. Outfit will not fit obitsu body.

[Image: P1040728_zps076e6214.jpg]

[Image: P1040730_zpsa7143d87.jpg]

[Image: P1040731_zpsdfcc26c0.jpg]

[Image: P1040733_zps91a18619.jpg]

Clara (Accepting offers starting at £70 - also out of stock on PS)

Head never opened
No modifications
Mint condition
Eyemech in perfect working order
No stock or box
Card and stand available

[Image: P1040742_zps2fa87a11.jpg]

[Image: P1040743_zps16832209.jpg]

[Image: P1040746_zps6ae4a442.jpg]

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